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DQADirection de la Qualité (French: Directorate of Quality)
DQADevelopment Quality Assurance (various organizations)
DQAData Quality Assessment
DQAData Quality Act
DQAdata quality assurance
DQADirector Quality Assurance
DQADiagonal Quadratic Approximation
DQADelivery Quality Assurance
DQADepartment of Quality Assurance
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Estimated average percent project cast overrun, by region South America 64 North America 51 Australia 40 South Africa 30 The key to controlling project cost overruns, suggests a recent report, may require management to improve investment decisions by applying project rationalization, higher capital efficiency, data analytics and project delivery quality assurance. (Source for all data: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.) Note: Table made from bar graph.
George Rodrigues, PhD, is Senior Scientific Manager at ARTEL, a leading innovator in liquid delivery quality assurance. He can be contacted at Tel.
George Rodrigues, Ph.D., is Senior Scientific Manager at ARTEL, a leading innovator in liquid delivery quality assurance. Rodrigues is responsible for developing and delivering communications and consulting programs designed to maximize laboratory quality and productivity through science-based management of liquid delivery.
Part of the LDQA (liquid delivery quality assurance) suite of services, liquid handler performance verification supplies labs with a third-party, documented assessment of the accuracy and precision of their equipment.
The Perspectives on Instrumentation article series that appeared in Pharmaceutical Processing throughout 2006 sought to address liquid delivery quality assurance, one of the most critical components of laboratory quality control programs.
This article is part of a series titled "Liquid Delivery Instrumentation Insight," in which the authors will examine common risks in the pharmaceutical laboratory and attempt to overturn old misconceptions about liquid delivery quality assurance.