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DCXDoublecortin (genes)
DCXDesert Combat Extended (gaming)
DCXDaimlerChrysler Ag (stock symbol)
DCXDecrement Register Pair
DCXDaimler Chrysler Ag
DCXDiesel Comprex
DCXData Compression
DCXDixie Chicks (American country rock band)
DCXDirection and Control Exercise
DCXMultipage PCX (file extension/format)
DCXDouble Convex
DCXDialog Control Extension
DCXDivision Capstone Exercise (US Army)
DCXDouble Charge Exchange
DCXDelta Clipper Experimental (rocket)
DCXDirect Current Experiment
DCXDivision Communications Exercise
DCXMultipage Zsoft Paintbrush (filename extension)
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It is September 11, 1993, and the hovering object shimmering in the desert light four miles away is a 40-foot-tall reusable rocket known as the Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X).