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DT3Dental Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
DT3Delta-tocotrienol (component of vitamin E)
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Delta-tocotrienol ([delta]-tocotrienol) is the most potent isoform of vitamin E.
It has been shown that alpha-tocopherol blocks absorption-and various resultant functions-of the three best known isomers, delta-tocotrienol, gamma-tocotrienol and alpha-tocotrienol.
Soelaiman, "The use of delta-tocotrienol and lovastatin for anti-osteoporotic therapy," Life Sciences, vol.
"Vitamin E" refers to a group of eight naturally occurring compounds with antioxidant activity: alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherol and alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol. Tocotrienols have demonstrated some beneficial effects in humans, but they have not been well studied and will not be discussed in this article.
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble compound with antioxidant properties that naturally exists in eight forms (alpha-, beta-, gamma, and delta-tocopherol and alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta-tocotrienol); each isomer possesses unique biological properties [1].
delta-Tocotrienol and quercetin reduce serum levels of nitric oxide and lipid parameters in female chickens.
Smiti discovered that delta-tocotrienol extracted from palm oil showed potential in inhibiting non-small cell lung cancer cell growth via Notch signaling, which refers to a highly-conserved cell signalling system present in most multicellular organisms.
Table 1: Regression analysis of the plot of peak area versus concentration for each isomer Standard Sample Standard equation Alpha-tocopherol Y = 6.01[e.sup.6] X - 4.02[e.sup.6] Alpha-tocotrienol Y = 1.16[e.sup.7] X - 1.16[e.sup.7] Gamma-tocotrienol Y = 9.88[e.sup.6] X - 1.00[e.sup.7] Delta-tocotrienol Y = 1.86[e.sup.7] X - 2.15[e.sup.7] Correlation Standard Sample coefficient, [R.sup.2] Correlation, r Alpha-tocopherol 0.999812 0.999906 Alpha-tocotrienol 0.999904 0.999952 Gamma-tocotrienol 0.999711 0.999856 Delta-tocotrienol 0.998702 0.999351 Fig.
Inhibitory effect of delta-tocotrienol, a HMG CoA reductase inhibitor, on monocyte-endothelial cell adhesion.
Asaf A Qureshi, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Missouri-Kansas, for donating the Delta-tocotrienol capsules.
An additional study published this year in the British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research concluded that annatto tocotrienol (mainly composed of delta-tocotrienol) improved cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammatory cytokines.