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DCVData Center Virtualization
DCVDirectional Control Valve
DCVDemand Controlled Ventilation (HVAC)
DCVDubai Cargo Village (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DCVDress Code Violation
DCVDetector Check Valve (backflow prevention device)
DCVDesktop Cloud Visualization (software; NICE; Italy)
DCVDry Creek Valley (California)
DCVDouble Check Valve
DCVDense Core Vesicle (cell population classification)
DCVDelta Club Valais (Swiss hang gliding club)
DCVDestination Coded Vehicle (airport baggage handling)
DCVDélégué Commercial Virtuel (French: Virtual Trade Commissioner; Canada)
DCVDisney Club Vacances (French: Disney Vacation Club)
DCVDiffusion Chaussures et Vêtements (French: Shoes and Clothing Distribution)
DCVDirect Current Volts
DCVDefense Combat Value
DCVDouble-Concave Lens
DCVDirection du Coût des Ventes (French: Directorate of Cost of Sales)
DCVDepósito Central de Valores SA (Chile national securities depository)
DCVDocument Control Voucher (banking & finance)
DCVDesign Configuration and Verification
DCVDrum Circle Vibe (Deltona, FL)
DCVDomain Control Validation
DCVDefenders Council of Vermont
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If you have demand controlled ventilation, make sure that's working and the dampers are allowing fresh air to come in.
The energy model, assuming effective demand controlled ventilation (DCV), assumed an average airflow of only 4900 cfm (2313 l/s).
Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) was seen as the way to provide both the desired air quality and to keep a rein on energy costs.
Supply Air Temperature (50[degrees]F, reset to 58[degrees]F for economizer effectiveness) Demand Controlled Ventilation (Zone DCV in response to occupancy)
2] demand controlled ventilation [DCV] is required for these densely occupied spaces by Title 24 and Standard 90.
Simulations of Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Impacts of Demand Controlled Ventilation in Commercial and Institutional Buildings.
The analysis has not considered the further impact of demand controlled ventilation, fan static pressure reset strategies, or supply air temperature reset strategies.
The measures in the package include: robust optimum start, resistance heat lockout, ventilation lockout during morning warm-up, outside air damper seals, outside air economizer, demand controlled ventilation and either fan speed reduction or cycling off during dead-band operation.
It is recommended that a DOAS be equipped with demand controlled ventilation (DCV) when serving highly variable occupancy situations, which reduces summer cooling energy use and essentially eliminates the use of terminal reheat while still providing the ensured ventilation.
Demand Controlled Ventilation Technology and Application National Institute of Standards and Technology (NISTIR 6729).
Demand controlled ventilation (DCV) can meet ventilation requirements without wasting energy in under-occupied buildings.