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DDADisability Discrimination Act (1995, UK)
DDADowntown Development Authority
DDADirezione Distrettuale Antimafia (Italian; Anti-Mafia District Directorate)
DDADream Dance Alliance
DDADelhi Development Authority
DDADoha Development Agenda
DDADébito Direto Autorizado (Portuguese: Authorized Direct Debit; Brazil)
DDADeputy District Attorney
DDADynamic Digital Advertising
DDADroits des Animaux (French: Animal Rights)
DDADistrict Development Authority
DDADigital Directional Antenna
DDADirect Directional Antenna
DDADigital Data Acquisition
DDAData Delivery Acknowledgement
DDADue Data Availability
DDADemand Deposit Account
DDADual Display Architecture
DDADigital Detector Array (radiography)
DDADepartment for Disarmament Affairs
DDADéclaration des Droits d'Auteur (French: Declaration of Copyright; Canada)
DDADomain Defined Attribute
DDADiscover Dominica Authority (tourism)
DDADelaware Department of Agriculture
DDADirect Debit Authorization (banking)
DDADemand Driven Approach (agriculture)
DDADirection Départementale de l'Agriculture (French: Departmental Directorate of Agriculture)
DDADetroit Diesel-Allison
DDADon't do Anything (Map Style for N, Computer Game)
DDADutch Direct Auction
DDADigital Differential Analyzer
DDADépartement des Droits Audiovisuels (French: Department of Audiovisual Rights)
DDADiscrete Dipole Approximation
DDADepartment of Dramatic Art (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
DDAData Driven Architecture (computing)
DDADog Day Afternoon
DDADefence Diversification Agency (UK)
DDADonald Duck Adventures (comics)
DDADennis Davidson Associates (est. 1970)
DDAData Distribution Agreement (contract)
DDADistributed Data Access
DDADeutsche Dermatologische Akademie (German: German Academy of Dermatology)
DDADefensor del Asegurado (Spanish: Insurance Ombudsman; Chile)
DDADominique Danjou Automobiles (French automotive repair company)
DDADistrict Data Analyzer (software)
DDADirect Deposit Advance (Wells Fargo)
DDADigital Development Agency
DDADeputy Director for Administration (CIA)
DDADeath with Dignity Act
DDADangerous Drug Act
DDADemons Dance Alone (Residents album)
DDADynamic Drainage Analyser
DDAData Directed Analysis (mass spectrometry)
DDADeadlock Detection Algorithm
DDADesignated Disposition Authority (US DoD)
DDADramatic Duet Acting
DDADividend Disbursing Agent (finance)
DDADurst Dice America
DDADetailed Damage Assessment (American Red Cross)
DDADirect Digital Access
DDADigital/Digital/Analog (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
DDADumbing-Down of America
DDADefined Display Area (ITU-T)
DDADeposit Demand Account
DDADirector Defence Analysis
DDADirect Deposit Advice
DDADisabled Drummers Association
DDADodecane Dioic Acid
DDADirect Duty Assignment (US Air Force)
DDADesignated Development Activity (US DoD)
DDAdocument description architecture
DDADigital Dynamic Astigmatism (LSD)
DDADisk Drive Assembly
DDADerived Decision Altitude (aviation)
DDADesign Development Activity
DDAData Driven Application
DDADigital Drive Amplifier (MSR)
DDADevelopmental Disabilities Act of 1984
DDADenver Developmental Activities (Denver Developmental Materials, Inc.)
DDADeployment Drive Assembly
DDADivision Design Analysis
DDADesktop Data Access
DDADental Dealers Association
DDADrowsy Driver Alert (Volvo)
DDADefence Dental Association (UK)
DDADaredevils of Aspen (band)
DDADirectorate of Documentation & Attestation (Oman)
DDADoubly Dynamic Addressing (Tolly/Kebab)
DDADefense Data Access: Mid Tier Application
DDADevelopmental Disabilities Aide
DDADynamic Design Ahmad
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* All these systems use the web to convey payment information, but they differ in the type of accounts they access: In proprietary account systems, funds are transferred between special-purpose accounts maintained by a nonbank provider; in bank-account-based systems, funds are transferred between demand deposit accounts at banks.
A value of 0.25 is assumed below.(3) Funds in MMDAs are assumed to remain on deposit for the same number of days as funds placed in demand deposit accounts.
These changes were partially offset by a slight decline in service charge income, particularly non-sufficient funds ("NSF") income and service charges on personal demand deposit accounts.
Such netting is made against the demand deposit accounts maintained by the banks with the Bangko Sentral.
Interest costs have remained low due to the increase in non-interest-bearing demand deposit accounts. Average deposits increased from $237,064,377 in the third quarter of 2017 to $258,125,747 in the third quarter of 2018.
Financial institutions currently participating in the network represent approximately 65% of the demand deposit accounts in the US.
AFP's 2015 Liquidity Survey shows companies are keeping 56% of their cash in bank deposits, which include CDs and time deposits as well as demand deposit accounts. That's up from 52% in 2014, and is the highest portion of corporate cash kept at banks in the 10 years AFP has been conducting the survey.
O'Brien said he investigated the impact of newer features, such as funds transfers expanded beyond basic demand deposit accounts, bill payment, prepaid and transit cards, mini-statements, mobile phone top-up, and a convergence between ATMs and mobile devices.
However, the agreement to restrict US dollar clearing services for some Hong Kong and UAE retail business clients, and to require the approval of the DFS before opening any new US dollar demand deposit accounts at SC's New York branch, may necessitate some change to its medium-term business plans.
"Depositors who have valid savings and demand deposit accounts with balances of P15,000 and below will now be eligible for outright payment without the filing of deposit insurance claims," PDIC said.
Credit risk: The Organization maintains demand deposit accounts with commercial banks and money market funds with financial institutions.