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DDMDrôles de Mecs (French: Funny Guys)
DDMDividend Discount Model
DDMDungeons & Dragons Miniatures (game)
DDMDungeon Dice Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh! board game)
DDMData Driven Marketing
DDMDate de Durabilité Minimale (French: Date of Minimum Durability; product safety)
DDMDistributed Data Management
DDMDistributed Decision Making
DDMDomino Domain Monitoring
DDMDemand Dial Manager
DDMDiffraction Data Module
DDMDuplex Data Manager
DDMDriver Door Module
DDMDynamic Disk Management
DDMDual Digital Multiplexer
DDMDesktop Document Manager
DDMData Demand Module
DDMDynamic Digital Motion
DDMDriver Descriptor Map
DDMData Display Manager
DDMDisplay Driver Model
DDMDéchets Dangereux des Ménages (French: Household Hazardous Waste)
DDMDiscovery and Dependency Mapping (Hewlett-Packard)
DDMDirection du Développement des Médias (French: Directorate of Media Development)
DDMDiploma in Digital Media (various locations)
DDMDrop Down Menu
DDMDysharmonie Dento-Maxillaire (French: Dento-Maxillary Disharmony; orthodontics)
DDMDivision of Dockets Management
DDMDirect Debit Mandate (payment method)
DDMData Distribution Management
DDMDoctor of Dental Medicine
DDMDomain Decomposition Method
DDMDigital Data Modem (US DoD)
DDMDomino Document Manager (software)
DDMDecoupled Direct Method
DDMDifference in Depth of Modulation
DDMDynamic Decision Making
DDMDesign Data Management
DDMDoD (Department of Defense) Data Model (US DoD)
DDMDifferential Destination Multicast
DDMDemand-Driven Manufacturing
DDMData Display Module
DDMDelannoy Dewailly Maintenance (France)
DDMDefect Decay Model
DDMDesignated Defensive Marksman
DDMDigital Diagnostics Monitoring
DDMDramatic Difference Ministries
DDMDriver's Door Module (automotive)
DDMDerrick Drilling Machine (Top Drive Systems)
DDMDevice Driver Module
DDMDealer Development Manager
DDMDeadlock Detection Mechanism
DDMData Display Monitoring (NASA)
DDMDiscrete Data Management (NASA)
DDMDiscount Dividend Model
DDMDigimon Digital Monsters
DDMDon't Damn Me (Guns N' Roses song)
DDMDynamic Discount Management
DDMDeath Dealer Mercenaries (gaming clan)
DDMDepot Duty Manager (London Underground)
DDMDipole - Dipole Moment (physics)
DDMDispatch Deviation Manual
DDMDeployment Drive Mechanism
DDMDistrict Development Meeting
DDMData Determination Module
DDMDigital Dissemination Management (VIVACODE)
DDMData Directory Manager
DDMDistinct Different Marks
DDMDrive Discharge Model
DDMDense Dielectric Material
DDMDeal Deployment Manager
DDMDual Digital Multiplexer (telecommunications)
DDMDouble Density Memory
DDMDiploma in Destination Management (degree program)
DDMDispersion-Driven Multiplexing
DDMDesign Diversity Metric
DDMDiscrete Diffraction Manifold
DDMDesign Decision Memorandum
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Demand-driven manufacturing mandates flexibility to respond automatically in an instant to changes in areas such as inventory, production status, customer requests, even compliance mandates.
Now, we have demonstrable results from customers that show that our software enables fast time-to-benefit and provides manufacturers with an extremely attractive return on investment by providing a visual factory design modeler, automating material replenishment signals both internally and to the supplier base and ultimately, enabling the demand-driven manufacturing operation.
The Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform means that every layer of the manufacturing team can fully synchronize their efforts to address issues in real time, proactively execute their demand-driven lean concepts, and take control of their environment and supply chain like never before.
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