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She called the award a "vindication" of her life-long vocation to defend and promote democracy and human rights.
The Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for Social Achievement was awarded to Tsai in recognition of her efforts to promote freedom, democracy and human rights, Tien said at the ceremony.
"From now on, Turkey is definitely not the place where one could find problems regarding democracy and human rights," he added.
Nobel winner and social activist Malala Yousafzai called her "a saviour of democracy and human rights."
Download EU promotes democracy and human rights: USJ launches a new EUfunded master programme NNA - The Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University launched today the Arab Master in Democracy and Human Rights, a programme funded by the European Union.
g)The practice of democracy and human rights and enhancing its understanding require overcoming potential threats to the form and substance of democracy, including foreign occupation , imbalances in the international justice system, the concentration and abuse of power ,ineffective and unaccountable civil service ,poverty, inadequate education, corruption, crimes under international law and discrimination.
LAHORE -- Third Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights (PCDHR) begins in Lahore under the auspices of the Centre for Human Rights Education (CHRE), a human rights institution working to strengthen human rights activism to build a human rights and democratic culture.
(6) For a particularly clear example, see CAROL GOULD, GLOBALIZING DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS 159-218 (2004).
Tripoli-- US Assistant Secretary of Democracy and Human Rights and Labor, Mr.