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DCCCDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee
DCCCDavidson County Community College (Lexington, North Carolina)
DCCCDelaware County Community College
DCCCDerbyshire County Cricket Club
DCCCDouglas County Chamber of Commerce (Douglasville, GA)
DCCCDizzy's Club Coca Cola (New York)
DCCCDuke Comprehensive Cancer Center (now Duke Cancer Institute)
DCCCDurham County Cricket Club
DCCCDecatur County Chamber of Commerce (Tennessee)
DCCCDesert Cross Community Church (Phoenix, Arizona)
DCCCDroplet Counter-Current Chromatography (chromatographic technique)
DCCCDefense Collection Coordination Center
DCCCDefense Cyber Crime Center
DCCCDynamic Channel Configuration Control (cellular radio networks)
DCCCDefense Commercial Communications Center
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On Monday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched a "millionaires over Medicare" campaign against House Republicans, issuing a memo that said: "Under the leadership of Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and Speaker John Boehner, House Republicans are again proposing a budget that ends the Medicare guarantee while protecting millionaires.
Upset that Republicans were flouting the law, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took his complaint to the Federal Election Commission.
* The new head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is Rep.
The congresswoman is one of the candidates shut out from a list of Democratic incumbents who'll be getting a share of $28 million in advertisinq by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this fall.
He extends his analysis into 2008, the year for that Nancy Pelosi appointed Van Hollen chief of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, responsible for recruiting, assisting, and mentoring candidates in an effort to expand the Democratic majority in the House.
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee also said they would target three million voters with an email campaign and make 100,000 phone calls.
Also in this issue, our writing fellows, Adam Serwer and Tim Fernholz, make their first appearances in the magazine: Adam with a skeptical take on the politics of hip-hop activism, and Tim with an examination of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which may be poised for a second consecutive cycle of success.
National officials from both parties say they expect both Kucinich and Schmidt will win their primaries, but there could be more problems ahead for Kucinich if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn't get behind his race in a big way.
In addition, he has worked as a fundraiser for former Representative and House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND).
Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, to celebrate the new leadership in Congress and the surge of legislative support for access to justice.
Rahm Emanuel, who masterminded the victory as Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair, is now a member of the leadership, and almost certainly destined for bigger things.
"The way you build long-term is to succeed short-term," Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair Rahm Emanuel shot back, after a contentious meeting in which, the Post reported, Emanuel left Dean's office spewing invective.
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