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Americans usually rate the Democratic Party better than the Republican Party.
com/what-will-bernie-sanders-do-next-vermont-senator-could-help-democratic-party-2477867) asked for Sanders' support in convincing his followers to back the Democratic Party as it reorganizes from an unanticipated electoral defeat in November.
The Liberal Democratic Party, founded in 2003, has around 230,000 members.
This hardworking and pleasant political activist of the US Democratic Party rose in the ranks of the Nevada Democratic Party apparatus within few years raising the eyebrows of many Sri Lankans domiciled in this state.
Tajikistan's People's Democratic Party aims to enhance the standard of living and encourage the economic growth in the country with the exploitation of all forms of ownership, as well as to assure the rights and freedoms of the person and of the citizen.
With Jackson's phrase, all could demand a seat at the Democratic Party table.
Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate and death penalty foe Barbara Becnel--the first black woman to run for governor in California--announced the week of July 20, 2006 that she has left the Democratic Party because the "Democratic leadership is allowing race and class bias to dishonor the Democratic Party.
Anyone who believes that the Democratic Party on the national level wants to bring the troops home now and stay clear of foreign quarrels, regime change, and nation building in the future is sadly mistaken.
For the moment, all eyes will be on the failure of the Democratic Party, once again, to overcome the money, shamelessness, and mastery of political mechanics of the Republicans.
But two days later the Alabama Democratic Party executive committee voted 95-87 to reject the committee's recommendation, and Todd's ballot-box victory was reinstated.
She is not sure that the Democratic Party completely agrees with her.
They assume I'm Israeli, said Seals, 34, the Democratic Party nominee for Illinois' 10th Congressional District.
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