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EMS Technologies, which served as part of ITT's demonstration/validation team, has the lead for phased-array technology.
Lockheed Sanders can therefore count on hearing from several MWS contractors looking for a place on an ATIRCM team (Loral Infrared and Imaging Systems, using AAR-47 technology, served the MWS needs of the Sanders team during ATIRCM demonstration/validation).
Helping the program office conceptualize the feasibility, capabilities and cost-effectiveness of the various NDI technologies are a number of risk-reduction, demonstration/validation efforts now entering their final stages.
HTD passed its Milestone I (demonstration/validation phase) in March 1992, together with HARM integration.
* Texas Instruments, Hughes and a TRW/Litton Amecom team are expecting demonstration/validation of their emitter location and targeting equipment for SEAD to begin by the end of the year.
Program managers are currently completing evaluation of demonstration/validation flight test results.
Raytheon will deliver a demonstration/validation version of the radar to White Sands Missile Range, NM, in FY 1994.
They facilitate the integration of proposed technologies into full system demonstration/validation (6.3B) or engineering and manufacturing development (6.4) prototype systems.
Current plans call for Rockwell to release a request for proposals this June for a demonstration/validation effort expected to last until late next year.
In late January, the three EW contractors remaining in competition for the electronics package (required to identify and precisely target enemy radars) had expected McDonnell Douglas to down select to two winners to continue into a demonstration/validation phase.
The demonstration/validation models of these GaAs systems indicated that advanced performance could be achieved.
Editor's Note: Lockheed Sanders is under contract for the cockpit graphics subsystem for the F-22 Advanced Tactival Fighter and has provided the graphics computations for the Lockheed-Boeing-GD team demonstration/validation program.
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