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DEMSDepartment of Extra Mural Studies (various locations)
DEMSDigital Electronic Message Service
DEMSDepartment of Earth and Marine Sciences (Australia)
DEMSDuke Ellington Music Society
DEMSDépannage Électroménager Services (French: Electronics Troubleshooting Services)
DEMSDifferential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry
DEMSDefensively Equipped Merchant Ship
DEMSDigital Electronic Messaging Service
DEMSDeployment Management System
DEMSData Entry Management System
DEMSDiplôme d'Etat de Musique Supérieur (French: Music Advanced State Diploma)
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Dey knows I kin wipe up deh street wid any t'ree of dem."
don't tell me nothin' of dem Lincons!"--and Aunt Chloe tossed her head as one who hoped she did know something of the world.
Why, I shouldn't sleep a wink for a week, if I had a batch of pies like dem ar.
Now, Missis, she wanted me to do dis way, and she wanted me to do dat way; and, finally, I got kinder sarcy, and, says I, `Now, Missis, do jist look at dem beautiful white hands o' yourn with long fingers, and all a sparkling with rings, like my white lilies when de dew 's on 'em; and look at my great black stumpin hands.
I wonder if these are the same Lib Dems of 'integrity' who promised to abolish student tuition fees then voted to triple them?
* With Andy Volinsky all set to run for the Dem guv nod, the next move belongs to Dan Feltes.
In a pamphlet called Rise and Fall of the Ceredigion Lib Dems, Mr Dafis recalls how a prominent Welsh Liberal Democrat said at a social function in Cardiff Bay in around 2000: "We're very confident that we can regain Ceredigion constituency from Plaid Cymru.
Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) is a stochastic technique and frequnetly used to evaluate the impact of errors in DEMs on computed topographic attributes (Shafique and van der Meijde, 2015).
outcome 2: labour majority Ed Miliband and Ed Balls surpass expectations and makes big gains from Tories and Lib Dems in England and Wales.
A poll published on October 3 by YouGov found that six per cent of found that six per cent of would back the Lib Dems if an election was held today, while 14 per cent would back UKIP and five per cent would back the Greens.
The Lib Dems have slowly morphed into the Tory party.
But he announced his defection to Labour at the start of last week, delivering another blow to the Lib Dems after a poor set of results in the county elections.