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DMIIDiabetes Mellitus Type II (medical condition)
DMIIDesign, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
DMIIDensity-Mediated Indirect Interaction (ecology)
DMIIDiploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
DMIIDisaster Management Institute of Indonesia
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Key words: Anax; anuran larvae; behavioral induction; density-dependence; density-mediated indirect interaction; odonate; predation risk; Rana; trait-mediated indirect interaction.
Schmitz (1998) further shows that the indirect effects of spiders on resources are dominated by the induced changes in grasshopper behavior (the TMII), rather than that due to changes in grasshopper density (the density-mediated indirect interaction).
al 1996; also behavioral indirect interactions, Miller and Kerfoot 1987; interaction-modifications, Wootton 1993), in contrast to density-mediated indirect interactions that involve changes in the density of the intermediate species (Abrams et.
Thus these results suggest that TMIIs can be of similar magnitude as density-mediated indirect interactions.
Matassa, "Habitat effects on the relative importance of trait- and density-mediated indirect interactions," Ecology Letters, vol.
TMIIs are distinguished from density-mediated indirect interactions (DMIIs), in which effects are transmitted through changes in densities of intervening species.
The most commonly recognized indirect interactions are density-mediated indirect interactions (DMII), or those effects transmitted through changes in densities of intervening species (Abrams et al.