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"Automotive is at a pivotal moment in which traditional products and parts are evolving and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and V2X are the future," said Bill Foy, senior vice president, Engineering, DENSO International America. "We're excited to be attending this year's CES conference to showcase the software solutions and technologies positioned to disrupt the industry and shape the future of mobility."
Doug Patton, DNAF president and executive vice president of Engineering at DENSO International America, said, 'It takes a community banding together to recover from disasters like this.
Denso International America said this acquisition brings the company closer to making frictionless mobility a reality and advancing vehicle access technologies.
"Denso's improved Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor is a result of the company's continuous efforts to develop products that enable our customers to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy of diesel systems," said Doug Patton, senior vice president of engineering at Denso International America. "The accuracy improvement, due to the extended probe length, will allow customers to more precisely control their diesel aftertreatment systems, helping improve the emissions and fuel economy."
"We have found that OEMs have a little bit more respect for the fact that suppliers are looking at unique ways to improve their environmental credentials, looking at the bigger picture, if you will," says Doug Patton, senior vice president of engineering at Denso International America, adding Denso is studying the possibility of using the plant-based material in HVAC system applications in the future.
Meanwhile, the $35 million Denso International America auto parts plant at Osceola, which will employ 500 workers, was scheduled to open last week.
Eliminating the need for physical keys will create a headache-free experience for car owners, and ridesharing and driverless services users," said Bill Foy, senior vice president of Engineering, DENSO International America. "This acquisition brings us one step closer to making this experience a reality and advancing vehicle access technologies."
President of the Denso North America Foundation and executive vice president of engineering at Denso International America Inc., Doug Patton, said, "The best learning experiences are when things don't work how you expected them to work, or how the text book explained.
5 June 2014 - Japanese car parts maker Denso Corp (TYO:6902) said today that it, acting via its unit Denso International America Inc, had bought a 72.1% interest in US vehicle diagnostics and telematics company EASE Simulation Inc.
Roger Berg, vice president of North American Research and Development for DENSO International America's Silicon Valley office, said, 'Our intention is to leverage the creative talent in Silicon Valley to quickly bring new technologies to the automotive industry.
One of the advisors is Matt Matsushita, president and CEO of Denso International America (www.densocorp-na.com).