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DUDuke University
DUDelhi University
DUDubrovnik, Croatia (license plate)
DUDoctor of the University
DUUniversity of Denver
DUDhaka University
DUDucks Unlimited
DUDrexel University
DUDictionary of the Underworld
DUDiplôme d'Université (French: University Diploma)
DUDemocratic Underground (website)
DUUniversity of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
DUDisplay Unit
DUDenver University
DUDual Use (Army National Guard)
DUDuquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
DUDetailed Understanding
DUDepleted Uranium
DUDeyrnas Unedig (Welsh: United Kingdom)
DUDevelopment Unit
DUDwelling Unit (building)
DUDrake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
DUDuodenal Ulcer
DUDisk Usage
DUDominican University
DUDrew University
DUDelta Upsilon (fraternity)
DUDisk Utility
DUDenison University
DUDavenport University
DUData Unit
DUDistribution Unit
DUDocumento Unico
DUDillard University (New Orleans, LA)
DUDrury University
DUDelivery Unit
DUDog Unit
DUDanske Universiteter (Copenhagen, Denmark)
DUDobson Units
DUDigital University
DUDigital Unit
DUDesktop Underwriter (loans and mortgages tool)
DUDaily Universe (college newspaper at BYU)
DUDiscounted Utility
DUDisk Used
DUDobson Unit(s)
DUDiesel United Ltd. (Japan)
DUDecision Unit
DUWidespread Dust (METAR obscuration)
DUDocumentation Unit
DUDaugavpils Universitate (Latvia)
DUDangerous, Undetected Failure
DUDistance Uniform (signal or signal set)
DUDiagnosis Undetermined
DUDuplicator Unit
DUDerivative with respect to the variable U
DUDiscardable Unit (logistic analyses)
DUDependable Undertaking
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The onset is slower, the potency is higher, and sometimes the consistency from one bite to the next is not the same," said attorney Brian Vicente, a co-author of Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana in Colorado, a former student of Professor Kamin, and a partner with the law firm Vicente Sederberg, which established the Denver University professorship.
Maasouma graduated from the University of Kuwait with a BA in political science and got master's degrees in political science and international relations before completing her PhD from Denver University in Colorado in 1982.
Alan's article was able to capture Condi in all her panache, complexity and contradictions as well as how she was shaped ultimately by her years at Denver University.
During the World War II era, he developed the model inspection code for dairies and eventually created an environmental health program at what was then Denver University.
Shimek is a lifelong Alaskan and graduated from the Denver University College of Law in 1997.
Such shunning is "a fairly common practice of radical reformation sects, groups that tend to be drawn in very much on themselves," said Carl Raschke, a Denver University religious studies professor.
Cassell, "Symposium on Coercion: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Coercion, Exploitation, and the Law," and "Coerced Confessions: Balanced Approaches to the False Confession Problem: A Brief Comment on Ofshe, Leo, and Alsehuler," Denver University Law Review 74 (1997): 1127.
Richard Smith, former head of the Privacy Foundation at Denver University and now a privacy and Internet security consultant in Brookline, Massachusetts, conducted his own test of the Visionics "FaceIt" system.
s request, the following is an attempt to recall my impressions of Alfred Korzybski whom I met at Denver University in July 1949.
Michael Foote, a recent graduate of Denver University Law School, has been a research intern at NCSL.
Another member had contacts with the director of the graduate school of social work at Denver University, which ultimately offered Nyoni a scholarship to earn the degree she so ardently desired.
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