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DOADDirectives et Ordonnances Administratives de la Defense
DOADDepartment of Agrarian Development (Sri Lanka)
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The Department of Agrarian Development of Lviv Oblast State Administration informs that catalogs can provide information on the land plot, its main characteristics (area, type of land, cadastral number (if any), and, thanks to cartographic materials, it is possible to specifically understand the location of the land.
Microchips will be implanted in horses under their skins starting the next year," said head of the regional department of agrarian development Joldosh Ahmedakhunov.
23 -- The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has funded the Department of Agrarian Development (DAD) to renovate seven irrigation tanks that required urgent rehabilitation in the Jaffna district.
107), the Department of Agrarian Development of the Regional State Administration completed the elaboration of information received from local self-government departments of natural persons entitled to receive subsidies for young animals of bovine animals.
The Department of Agrarian Development of the Regional State Administration calls on the farmers of the Lviv region, who conduct their production activities in the basin of the Baltic Sea (Western Bug River and Xiang River), to participate in the annual Baltic Farmer of the Year Award (International Farmer of the Year Award, 2018) )
Accordingly, steps have been taken to train staff to develop the NSDI system and around 300 Field Officers from Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government, Land Use Policy Planning Department, and Department of Agrarian Development will be trained this year.
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