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Apart from conventional automatic cash dispensers or automatic money-receiving/dispensing machines, ICBC s self-service banking comprises various types of self-service devices for customers to pay bills, re-print passbook transactions, make transfer/remittance or issue cards themselves, providing customers with access to a wide range of financial services (inquiry, account management, transfer/remittance, bill payment, cash deposit/withdrawal, wealth management, form filling) as well as welfare-related services such as pension fund, social security, UnionPay online payment and Bank-Hospital services.
Marketing databases, called MCIF (Marketing Customer Information Files), are usually used to gather customer information on basic attributes, transactions, deposit/withdrawal details, contact history etc.
They are used to gather customer information on basic attributes, transactions, deposit/withdrawal details, contact history, and other data for effective marketing.
Today, at ICBC ATMs besides cash transactions such as cash deposit/withdrawal, transfer/remittance or balance enquiry, customers can also pay all kinds of fees (water, electricity, gas, communication, traffic fine), check provident fund, draw cash using foreign card, use e-cash and all other non-cash services related to people's everyday life.
Vantage FX pride themselves on their second to none client services with a 24 hour helpdesk with offices in Australia, the UK and Asia to accommodate each of client's needs including over five different deposit/withdrawal options.
The common stock and warrants will be distributed on the closing date through the Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian ("DWAC") transfer procedure of The Depository Trust Company ("DTC") to the eligible claimants' brokerage accounts pursuant to the instructions provided to the Company.
KEB is a banking pioneer on a number of fronts: it is the first Korean bank to establish overseas branches and subsidiaries, as well as the first to introduce cash dispensers, credit cards, and an on-line deposit/withdrawal system, holding untouchable and leading market share in international banking.
It allows those institutions immediate access to checks, deposit/withdrawal tickets, return items and general ledger tickets in case the item is lost or misplaced.