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DAOData Access Objects (Microsoft)
DAODouble Action Only (handguns)
DAODragon Age: Origins (video game)
DAODecentralized Autonomous Organization (smart contracts)
DAODisk-At-Once (CD creation)
DAODessin Assisté par Ordinateur (French: computer assisted design)
DAOData Access Object
DAODisk at Once
DAODestination Address Omitted
DAODigital Audio Output
DAODepressor Anguli Oris (facial muscle)
DAODeskiñ d'An Oadourien (French teaching organization)
DAOData Assimilation Office
DAODistrict Attorney's Office
DAODefense Attache Office
DAODepartmental Administrative Order
DAODigital Asset Optimization (file indexing)
DAODual Action Only (firearms)
DAODynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
DAODisability Access Office (San Antonio, TX)
DAODesignated Area Order (UK; fisheries)
DAODesign Approval Organization (Transport Canada)
DAODefense Attaché Officer (US DoD)
DAODivision Ammunition Officer
DAODefense Accounting Office
DAODistrict Adjudications Officer
DAODepartmental Accountable Official (US DoD)
DAODefence Acquisition Organisation (Australia)
DAODuly Authorized Officer (mental health; New Zealand)
DAODe-Asphalted Oil (refinery)
DAODevelopment & Ability Organization (Afghanistan)
DAODistrict Adjudication Officers (US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
DAODivision Aviation Officer
DAODefense Agency Operations
DAOData Analysis Office
DAODisbursing Accounting Officer
DAODial Address Outgoing
DAODayton Area Office (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
DAODays After Option (defense contracting)
DAODivision Air Officer
DAODocument Advisor Office
DAODirector, Air Operations
DAODepartment of Army Organization
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Defects of the lower lip were reconstructed in 16 patients with 30 bilateral fan flaps, in 20 patients with 40 karapandzic flaps, in 5 patients with 10 Nakajima flaps, in 2 patients with 4 Fujimori Gate flaps, in 15 patients with 16 bilateral depressor anguli oris flaps, in 5 patients with submental island flaps, in 14 patients with radial forearm free flaps, and in 3 patients with pectoralis major musculocutaneous flaps.
Overall there was a strong trend for sensory recovery in fasciocutaneous flaps over myocutaneous flaps (depressor anguli oris flap (Figures 5(a), 5(b), and 5(c)), submental island flap, and pectoralis major myocutaneous flap) (p:0.09).
"Specifically, the 'grief' muscles, the corrugator supercilli - located around the eyebrow - and depressor anguli oris - between the chin and corner of the lips - were more often contracted in the faces of 'genuine' rather than 'deceptive pleaders,'" University of British Columbia researchers found.
* the mandibular lamina (the depressor labii inferioris, the mentalis, the risorius, the depressor anguli oris, the inferior part of the orbicularis oris, and perhaps the buccinator and the levator anguli otis)
Between 24 and 26 mm, the zygomaticus major, the depressor anguli oris, and the buccinator appear.
Although we performed a labiomandibular triangle to remove redundant skin, there have been reports that damage of innervation to the depressor anguli oris may occur, and so attention must be applied (14).