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DFSDistributed File System
DFSDassault Falcon Service (est. 1967)
DFSDaily Fantasy Sports
DFSDiscover Financial Services
DFSDeutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug (German: German Research Institute for Gliding)
DFSDynamic Frequency Selection
DFSDisease-Free Survival
DFSDeutsche Flugsicherung (German Aviation Security)
DFSDepth-First Search
DFSDepartment of Field Support (various organizations)
DFSDrafting Financial Statements (accounting)
DFSDepartment of Financial Services
DFSDefinitive Feasibility Study (mining)
DFSDeutsche Forstservice GmbH (German consulting company)
DFSDepth First Search
DFSDesign for Safety
DFSDeterministic Finite State (computation theory)
DFSDivision of Fire Safety
DFSDeclared False Start (swimming)
DFSDivision of Family Services (various locations)
DFSDocumentum Foundation Services
DFSDesign for Supply (manufacturing)
DFSDollars for Scholars
DFSDuty Free Shoppers (multi-national duty free retailer)
DFSDirección Federal de Seguridad (Spanish: Federal Security Directorate; Mexico)
DFSDepartment of Forensic Science
DFSDebian From Scratch
DFSDenver Film Society (Denver, Colorado)
DFSData Flow Structure
DFSDeutsch-Französisches Sekretariat (German: German-French Secretariat)
DFSDiscount Furniture Store
DFSDetailed Functional Specification (avionics)
DFSDiscoteca Flaming Star (band)
DFSDesired Future State
DFSDuct-Free System (various companies)
DFSDetailed Feasibility Study
DFSDesign for Serviceability
DFSDragon Fire Shield (video gaming)
DFSDocument Fulfillment System
DFSDistributed Fair Scheduling
DFSDefeaters (gaming clan)
DFSDynamic File System
DFSDupont Flooring Systems (independent flooring contractors owner/franchisees)
DFSDell Financial Services LP
DFSDynamic Flight Simulator (Sweden)
DFSDistributed Fast Switching
DFSDefence Fire Service
DFSDirect Full Service (trademark of Future Homes and Real Estate Limited)
DFSData Federation Service (computer project)
DFSDark Fiber Service
DFSDirect Fleet Support
DFSDeserves Further Study
DFSDivision of Field Science
DFSDisaster Food Stamp (various locations)
DFSDebenhams Furniture Store
DFSDivision Forces Spéciales (French: Special Forces Division; various organizations)
DFSDemand Forecasting System
DFSDelta Flight School (Chennai, India)
DFSDatapuri Financial System (software)
DFSDeveloping Facilitation Skills (Cornell University; New York)
DFSDeparture From Specification
DFSDragon Fake Step (Tekken game maneuver)
DFSDomain File System
DFSDark Force Soldiers (gaming clan)
DFSDry Fuel Storage
DFSDesignated Fingerprinting Services
DFSDesign for Simplicity
DFSDefense Financial Auditing Service
DFSDeltamax Freight System
DFSData Fusion Server
DFSDisk Full Syndrome
DFSDigital Facsimile System
DFSDouble-Folded Stub (filter)
DFSDefective From Stock
DFSDisciplined Frequency Standard (Sprint)
DFSDemodulation and Frame Synchronizer
DFSDigital Field Services
DFSDirection Finding Subsystem
DFSDiscriminate Function System (IRS)
DFSDemonstration Flight Satellite
DFSDesign Feature for Safety
DFSDiplomacy's Final Stand (Starcraft gamming clan)
DFSDevelopmental Flight Satellite
DFSDeclaration of Foreign Shipper (affidavit)
DFSDyed Fuel System
DFSDigital Firewall Service (DEC)
DFSDiagonal First Schedule
DFSDoD FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Supplement (US DoD)
DFSDivision Fire Support
DFSDecayed and Filled Surface (dentistry)
DFSDiesel Filter System
DFSDefense Function Specialist (Professional Housing Management Association certification)
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Figure 6 shows the pseudocode for depth-first search.
Techniques Network Successful Overhead Searches Random Walk (RW) [][][] [] Restricted Random Walk (RRW) [][][][] [][] Breadth-First Search (BFS) [] [][][][][] Intelligent BFS (Int-BFS) [][] [][][][] Depth-First Search (DFS) [][][] [][] Adaptive Probabilistic Search (APS) [][][] [][][][] Blackboard Resource Discovery [][][] [][][][] Mechanism (BRDM)
First, using the depth-first search algorithm, the computer checks wether the student's solution does connect all cities.
Consider the vertex u of the component that is visited first during depth-first search.
The simulation experiment put a cap on the maximum number of steps an actor could think ahead in depth-first search (MS).
Depth-first search has been used in efficient algorithms for a variety of graph problems; the pile of twin stacks has been used to solve problems in sorting and in recognizing codes for planar self-intersecting curves.
Again, the method combines depth-first search, in a preprocessing step to determine the order of vertex addition, with a complicated data structure, the PQ-tree of Booth and Lueker, for keeping track of possible embeddings.