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DoDDepartment of Defense (US government)
DoDDirect Outward Dial(ing)
DoDDay of Defeat (WWII half-life modification)
DoDDay out of Days (also seen as DOOD; film industry)
DoDDivision of Design (various locations)
DoDDiscoveries of the Deep (Old submarine game)
DoDDirection of Departure
DoDDay of Destruction
DoDDrag-on Dragoon (video game)
DoDDate Of Death (geneaological term)
DoDDigital On Demand
DoDDefinition of Done (software development)
DoDDrink of the Day (promotion)
DoDDereliction of Duty
DoDDepths of Darkhollow (gaming: EverQuest)
DoDDrop On Demand
DoDDepth Of Discharge
DoDDrug Overdose
DoDDate of Delivery
DoDDirector Of Development
DoDDirector of Drama (various universities)
DoDDo Or Die
DoDDate Of Discharge (US military)
DoDDigital Optical Disk
DoDDepartment of Defense
DoDDvd on Demand
DoDDisplacement on Demand
DoDDial on Demand
DoDDog on Duty
DoDDowntown Overlay District (various cities)
DoDDisplacement on Demand (automotive technology)
DoDData-Oriented Design
DoDDécor Ouest Distribution (French: Distribution Western Decor)
DoDDevelopmental Orthopedic Disease
DoDData Object Design (US Department of Energy)
DoDDebt Outstanding Disbursed
DoDDepartment of Death (Grim Fandango)
DoDDenizens of Doom (motorcycle club)
DoDDay of Doom
DoDDownstream on Demand
DoDDelorean Owners Directory (car club)
DoDDungeons of Doom (NetHack)
DoDDecade of Disturbed (band video)
DoDDealers of Death (gaming clan)
DoDDistribution on Demand
DoDDomain of Definition
DoDDomestic Object Damage
DoDDen of Demons
DoDDEM (digital elevation model) of Difference
DoDDissolved Oxygen Demand
DoDDiana of Dallas
DoDDraft on Demand
DoDDiablone (gaming clan)
DoDDriver on Demand (Linux)
DoDDivision of Ophthalmic Devices (Center for Devices and Radiological Health; US FDA)
DoDDomain of Doom (website)
DoDDepth Over Diameter (gravity fluid flow in a pipe)
DoDDisciples of Divx (gaming guild)
DoDDance of Death (Iron Maiden album)
DoDDifferential One-Way Dopple
DoDDevils of Darwin (political party)
DoDDream of Doll (Korea)
DoDDear Old Dad
DoDDelivery of Deed
DoDDied Of Disease
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In an interview with ONE News' "The Chiefs," DILG Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III said that the department's administrative complaints filed before the Office of the Ombudsman are for offenses of grave misconduct and dereliction of duty for their failure to curb the drug problem in their respective areas.
Opponents have blasted NRW for a 'dereliction of duty' for backing the scheme
According to officials, 14 doctors from seven hospitals were issued show cause notices in this context, and some staff nurses also have been issued notices for dereliction of duty.
China has formally detained a dozen people over explosions in the city of Tianjin this month that killed at least 145 people, and has accused 11 officials and port executives of dereliction of duty or abuse of power.
It has been said that flogging RBS shares at a massive loss to casino city traders is not just a travesty, it is a dereliction of duty in addition to the taxpayer - funding banks, the rest of the Royal Mail, the investment bank and the Royal Mint, could be sold off.
ISLAMABAD -- Director CDA, Parliament House, Mashooq Ali Shaikh has been suspended over dereliction of duty.
Beijing, Shawwal 8, 1435, Aug 4, 2014, SPA -- The death toll from a factory blast in east China's Jiangsu Province rose to 75 on Monday, when a senior official in charge of the country's work safety said "very serious dereliction of duty" was behind the accident.
"I wouldn't like to see engineers or doctors walking out halfway through a shift," said writer Sarah Sands, making a point about dereliction of duty in the context of an article on women in the workplace and work versus family commitments.
The Delhi chief minister's dharna in the heart of the national capital came to an end last night after two police officers were sent on leave under a neat compromise with the Centre over his demand for suspension of five officials for alleged dereliction of duty. The protest in the high-security Raisina Hill area ended following an assurance from the lt governor Najeeb Jung.
Mumbai: A nationwide campaign has begun to pressurise the United Progressive Alliance-led government to table a bill that protects religious and linguistic minorities across India and also, for the first time, addresses and redefines dereliction of duty by public servants.
Other charges include involuntary manslaughter, assault, maltreatment, reckless endangerment and dereliction of duty.
MAY I ask your readers whether they agree that if the Director of the UK Border Control, Brodie Clark is indeed guilty of a serious dereliction of duty that he should forfeit the right to any pension entitlement as he would have placed this nation at serious risk through his actions?