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DERDearborn (Amtrak station code; Dearborn, MI)
DERDepartment of Environmental Regulation
DERDistributed Energy Resources
DERDepartment of Employee Relations (various locations)
DERDepartment of Environmental Resources (formerly Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection)
DERDivision of Engineering Research (various schools)
DERDebt/Equity Ratio
DERDisaster Emergency Response
DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DERDesignated Employer Representative
DERDeutsches Reisebüro (German Travel)
DERDerevnya (Russian, village; used in postal addresses)
DERDeep Elm Records
DERDepartamento de Estradas de Rodagem (Brazil)
DERDivision of Extramural Research (NIH)
DERDuplicate Email Remover (software)
DERDeparture End of the Runway
DERDividend Equivalent Rights (stock award0
DERDesignated Engineering Representative (commercial airline engineers given signature authority by FAA)
DERDestination Europe Resources (trademark of New World Travel, Inc.; New York, NY)
DERData Error Reporting
DERDual Ethernet Router
DERDrawing Error Report
DERDefinite Encoding Rules
DERDraft Environmental Report
DERDrug Experience Report (pharmascience)
DERDestroyer Escort - Radar
DERdwelling emission rate (UK)
DERDefense Efficiency Ratio (baseball statistic)
DERDose Equivalent Rate
DERDirectly Executable Representation
DERRadar Picket Escort Ship
DERData Evaluation Record
DERDepartment of Environmental Research
DERDesviacion Estandar de la Media
DERDynamically Extensible Router
DERDépartement d'Etudes des Réacteurs (French: Reactors Studies Department; nuclear energy)
DERDescend En Route
DERDigital Extended Request
DERDry Extract Ratio
DERDevelopment Engineering Release
DERDocumentation Evaluation Record
DERDesign Engineering Reliability
DERDiscrepancy Event Report
DERData Exchange Requirement (US Navy)
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The top 5 best events of the coming weekend include the "Autumn Gifts of Azerbaijan" festival in Moscow, the International Tea Festival in Baku, the International Jazz Days festival in Arkhangelsk, the Buninskaya Derevnya Literary festival in the Lipetsk region and the Oktoberfest gastronomic festival in Krasnodar city.
9, 1990, Russian Orthodox priest Alexander Men left his cottage at Semkhoz, on the outskirts of Moscow, to take the early train to Novaya Derevnya to celebrate the liturgy at the parish church.
The bus driver has also begun to understand me: "Aaaa, staraya derevnya" ("old village," the literal translation of "Vanakula" in Russian).
Unofficially, it is known as derevnya kotoroi net, the village that is not.
Lebedeva (Lebedev's joint stock aeronautic company) in the Novaya Derevnya, near Komendantsky airfield in St.
For more information, contact Structu Rise, Mitchurinsky Prosp, Olimpiyskaya Derevnya 12 - 83, 117602 Moscow, Russia.
His longer works include Derevnya (1910; The Village), Mitina lyubov (1925; Mitya's Love), the fictional autobiography Zhizn Arsenyeva (1930; "The Life of Arsenev"; The Well of Days) and its sequel, Lika (1939), and two volumes of memoirs, Okayannyye dni (1935; "The Cursed Days") and Vospominaniya (1950; Memories and Portraits).
His novels Derevnya (1910; translated as The Village, 1923) and Sukhodol (1911; translated as Dry Valley, 1935), written in the restrained " classical " style of Turgenev, Goncharov, or Chekhov, depict the stagnation of life in provincial Russia.
5217 "grigorievskoye derevnya" district of tula region with the construction of the site of a 0.4 kv insulated overhead line preferential technological connection of the applicants electrical equipment:
Address : Belarus, Brestskaya Oblast, Derevnya Osovtsy, 225516, Stolin District, Osovtsy Village, Ulitsa Kolkhoznaya Dom 14
Electronic auction: complex of mooring and wave protection facilities on the onega lake in the derevnya bay
"A" Derevnya "cooperative was created, now it unites 12 farmers from Tatarstan, Moscow, Serbia and Turkey.