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And it's nice to be known as something other than 'felony flats,' ' she said, referring to the derogatory label sometimes pinned to a nearby section of Sixth and Seventh avenues.
Tyacke finds that "Puritan" as a derogatory label did not become associated specifically with doctrinal Calvinism and predesrinarian thought until the 1620s when the rise of Arminianism eventually rendered heterodox what hitherto had been the Reform core of English religious orthodoxy.
Only this spring, five men who believed in the words "white power" have been indicted for the murder of a non-white, someone for whom the literature of hatred would have had a derogatory label. Within the past few months, a newly appointed Supreme Court Judge used words from the language of hate toward homosexuals.
As far as I am concerned, "Waray" provides me with an identity separate from the rest of the inhabitants of the Visayas, who are often lumped together by cosmopolitan ManileAos under the sometimes derogatory label "Bisaya"a people who cannot distinguish the phonetic difference between "i" and "e," as best exemplified by then Rep.
The term "utility man" can sometimes be handed out as a derogatory label, but Bates (pictured left) believes that he can make it work to his benefit.
The woman used "Arab" as a derogatory label yet McCain didn't respond at all to this slur.
In short, Padme is valued primarily through the prism of motherhood, and Leia through sexual objectification, echoing the patriarchal premise that women operate within the binary of motherhood and sexuality (which, if I might add, has given rise to an array of derogatory labels, from the Madonna/whore complex in psychoanalysis to the Angel/monster dichotomy in literature, to name a few).
Willett's schoolteacher brother Peter's column for National Club Golfer magazine described United States Ryder Cup fans as a "braying mob of imbeciles" - among other derogatory labels - and caused consternation.
Cleverly, the first section has handicapped dancers ripping derogatory labels from one another as they are liberated by the performance.
However, when derogatory labels -- sexist, fascist, homophobe, chauvinist, misogynist and more -- are cheaper by the dozen, we should avoid throwing them around carelessly, or go out of our way looking for opportunities to take offense.
Below photos of the president and members of the party were single-word captions that read "Corrupt", "Thief", and other derogatory labels. People kept themselves informed of developments in other parts of the country through their mobile phones.