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DBWDigital Book World
DBWDepartment of Boating and Waterways
DBWDrive by Wire
DBWDecibel (referenced to 1 watt)
DBWDeathbringer's Will (gaming; World of Warcraft)
DBWDepartment of Biology and Wildlife (various organizations)
DBWDry Body Weight
DBWDesirable Body Weight
DBWDosing Body Weight
DBWDiabetic Black Women
DBWDedicated Bandwidth
DBWData Bus Wire
DBWDriveByWire (Dutch band)
DBWDragon-Back Warriors (gaming clan)
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Measures that can significantly reduce one's risk for cancer of the liver include vaccination for hepatitis B, avoidance of alcohol, proper storage of foodstuff, maintenance of a desirable body weight, exercise, and a healthy diet.
While this study confirms what we suspected--that it's best to spread tub margarine on your bread (and we would add look for a trans-free product)--keep in mind, it's just as important to maintain a desirable body weight.
Trim down to and maintain a desirable body weight. Obesity is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease and a host of other chronic diseases.
It likewise slows down the development of osteoporosis and contributes to maintenance of a desirable body weight.
Diabetes can be prevented outright or at least its onset delayed by simply maintaining a desirable body weight and exercising--two things that require a great degree of self-discipline.
Reducing to, and maintaining, a desirable body weight
Incidentally, diabetes can be prevented or its onset delayed by maintaining a desirable body weight, adhering to a proper diet--which simply means partaking of a balanced diet high in fiber and healthy fats, and low in simple sugars, and exercising regularly.
* Maintain a desirable body weight. You will know if you are overweight or not by computing for your body mass index (BMI).