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DFSDDobbs Ferry School District (New York)
DFSDDesk for Social Development (Namibia)
DFSDDry Fibrin Sealant Dressing
DFSDDeputy Fire Safety Director (various locations)
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Reverend Claudia Haarmann, co-director of the Desk for Social Development at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN), said that six months after the grant was implemented, the situation changed substantially, with only 12 percent of the households reporting shortage of food and 60 percent (an increase from 20 percent) of the households reporting never experiencing food shortages.
Reverend Dirk Haarmann, co-director of the ELCRN Desk for Social Development, said the increase in residents' income enabled them to spend money on food and other provisions, repay their debts and remittances to others as well as afford transport, clothing, housing, health care and stationery for their school-going children.