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DSPDigital Signal Processing
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DSPDelaware State Police
DSPDelta Sigma Pi (business fraternity)
DSPDefense Support Program (US DoD satellite system)
DSPDigital Sound Processing
DSPDisability Support Pension
DSPDynamic Shift Program (Audi)
DSPDisabled Students Program
DSPDeveloper Studio Project (Microsoft file extension)
DSPDomain Specific Part
DSPDemocratic Left Party (Turkey)
DSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
DSPDepository Services Program
DSPDemocratic Socialist Party (Australia)
DSPDelta Sigma Phi (fraternity)
DSPDemokratik Sol Parti (Turkish: Democratic Left Party)
DSPDefense Standardization Program
DSPDisodium Phosphate
DSPDirectory System Protocol
DSPDistribution Point
DSPDiritti Speciali di Prelievo (Italia: Special Drawing Rights; currency)
DSPDesignated Suppliers Program
DSPDurgapur Steel Plant (India)
DSPDentin Sialoprotein
DSPDetailed Scheduling and Planning
DSPDigital Service Provider
DSPDistinguished Speakers Program
DSPDominant Social Paradigm
DSPDefense Satellite Program (US DoD)
DSPDecessit Sine Prole (Latin: Died Without Issue)
DSPDeep Space Probe
DSPDigital System Processor
DSPDye Sublimation Printing
DSPDiastasis Symphysis Pubis
DSPDelivery Service Pack
DSPDisplay System Protocol (packet switching)
DSPDeveloper Service Provider
DSPDecision Support Package
DSPDecentralization Support Programme (Pakistan)
DSPDirect Service Professional (social service)
DSPDetailed Site Plan
DSPDigital Speckle-Pattern Interferometry
DSPDemand Supply Planning (various companies)
DSPDrill Sergeant Program
DSPDocument Services for Printing
DSPDirector's Special
DSPDirect Stock Plans
DSPDeparture Sequencing Program
DSPDilute Sulfuric Peroxide (dilute sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide mixture)
DSPDawnshroud Peaks (Everquest game)
DSPDalit Solidarity Peoples (human rights group)
DSPDynamic Support Program (IBM)
DSPDaughters of Saint Paul (religious community)
DSPDistinguished Service Professorship
DSPDouble Side Polishing (wafer, glass, metal)
DSPDirect Support Platoon (US Army)
DSPDoD Standardized Profile
DSPDocument Stratégique Pays (French: Country Strategy Paper)
DSPDigital Signal Protocol
DSPDrshnaps Productions (webcomic database)
DSPDesign Specification Package
DSPDistrict Superintendent Police
DSPDesignated Stock Point
DSPDrift Start Position
DSPDecompression Sickness Panel
DSPDefense Sourcing Portfolio (est. 2008; US DoD)
DSPDistributed Staff Program
DSPDisaster Support Package (FEMA)
DSPDesignated Sender Protocol (email)
DSPDivision of the State Police
DSPDell Service Provide
DSPDedicated Sub-Path
DSPDistribution Software Publishers
DSPDepot Spare Parts
DSPDealer Service Portal
DSPDepot Storage Point
DSPDual Screen Playstation (Nintendo DS emulator)
DSPDaikin Synchronised Power (Daikin Air Conditioners)
DSPDigital Signature Signing Process
DSPDialogue Social dans les Postes (French: Social Dialogue in the Post)
DSPDesign Services Procedures
DSPDevon and Somerset Police
DSPDiscovery Solutions Practice (LeClairRyan)
DSPDispute Settlement Procedure (World Trade Organization)
DSPDemand Side Platform (Internet advertising)
DSPDepartment of Student Preparation (University of Texas at San Antonio)
DSPDalton Strategic Partnership (investment management firm)
DSPDriver Safety Program (various locations)
DSPDivision of Special Programs (various schools)
DSPDainippon Sumitomo Pharma (Japan)
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Probands with TGF/3-3 gene mutation presented only non sustained ventricular tachycardia/ arrhythmias while probands carrying the mutation in the either desmoplakin or plakophilin-2 genes presented with all the four types--sustained ventricular tachycardia, non sustained VT (NVST), polymorphic ventricular complexes (PVCs) and ventricular fibrillation.
Paraneoplastik pemfigusta saptanmis olan antijenler plakin protein ailesinden olan desmoplakin 1 ve 2, envoplakin, periplakin, plektin ve 230-kDa bulloz pemfigoid antijeni ve 170 kD agirliginda bilinmeyen bir proteindir (2,8,32).
What probably happens first is association of things like envoplakin and involucrin to the site of the desmosome by cross-linking - more specifically, to the tail of desmoplakin, which extends 100 nm from the main plaque of the desmosome into the cytoplasm.
Breaking the connection: Displacement of the desmosomal plaque protein desmoplakin from cell-cell interfaces disrupts anchorage of intermediate filament bundles and alters intercellular junction assembly.
Desmoplakin acts as a tumor suppressor by inhibition of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway in human lung cancer.
Two hybrid analysis reveals fundamental differences in direct interactions between desmoplakin and cell type specific intermediate filaments.
The structure of the carboxy-terminal domain is dominated by six highly homologous repeats that also occur in lesser number in desmoplakin (3 repeats; Green et al.
43,28) In EMT, activated Akt causes E-cadherin repression and cellular changes, such as loss of cell adhesion and loss of apico-basolateral cell polarization, as well as changes in the subcellular distribution of proteins such as internalization of desmoplakin and induction of mesenchymal markers, such as vimentin.
2, CK5+8, CK7, 34[Beta]E12, Leu-5, CK18, CK19, CK20, CK22, desmoplakin, desmin, myoglobin, estrogen and progesterone receptors, p53, Ki-67, and HER-2 protein were performed using the avidin-biotin complex technique.
In addition, actin, epithelial membrane antigen, CD68, S100 protein, and desmoplakin have been reported to be expressed in some FDC sarcomas.