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DTRData Terminal Ready
DTRDown to Ride
DTRData Transmission
DTRDisclosure and Transparency Rules (various locations)
DTRDown the Road
DTRDocker Trusted Registry (computer storage)
DTRData Transfer Rate
DTRDesktop Replacement (laptop computer)
DTRDefense Transportation Regulation (US DoD 4500.9-R)
DTRDirect to Retail (licensing)
DTRDynamic Track Re-Routing
DTRDedicated Token Ring
DTRDynamic Transaction Routing
DTRDesktop Replacements
DTRDirt Track Racing
DTRDouble Treble (crochet stitch; aka Double Triple)
DTRDigital TV Recorder
DTRDead to Rights (game)
DTRDulles Toll Road (Virginia)
DTRDietetic Technician, Registered
DTRDedicated Token Ring (software)
DTRDefine the Relationship
DTRDefence Training Review (UK)
DTRDiurnal Temperature Range
DTRDynamic Text Replacement
DTRDesarrollo Territorial Rural
DTRDeep Tendon Reflex
DTRDraft Technical Report
DTRDigital Tape Recorder
DTRDiscrete Track Recording
DTRDavis Tube Recovery
DTRDrive Thru Records (record label)
DTRDefence Training Rationalisation (UK)
DTRDowntown Radio
DTRDaily Time Record
DTRDesign Time Repository
DTRDouble Taxation Relief (UK)
DTRDance Therapist Registered
DTRDigital Trunked Radio
DTRDetermine the Relationship
DTRDark Torreador Red (Mercury Marauder paint color)
DTRDiscuss The Relationship
DTRDuty to Report
DTRDiversified Target Return (fund)
DTRDave the Resurrector
DTRDental Treatment Room
DTRDifferential Thermal Relief (valves; various companies)
DTRDiesel Truck Resource
DTRDetinus Republic (Beyond the Stellar Empire game)
DTRDelay, Throughput, Reliability (bits)
DTRDetroit Techno Records (music label)
DTRDenver Trail Runners
DTRDaily Transaction Register
DTRDominion Television Rentals (New Zealand)
DTRDetail Transaction Report
DTRDiscipline That Restores
DTRDevelopmental Test Round
DTRDNA Transfer and Replication (biology)
DTRData Transfer Receptacle(s)
DTRDigital Terrestrial Radio
DTRDance Therapy Registered
DTRDeath to the Regime (band)
DTRDown the Rail
DTRDestroy the Ring
DTRDerived Test Requirement
DTRDingerdis Technische Realisatie
DTRDays to Remember (band)
DTRDouble Tree Ranch (Texas)
DTRDitch The Raft (blog)
DTRDiscrepancy Tracking Report
DTRDefense Terrestrial Reactor
DTRDetailed Transaction Report
DTRDesktop Repeater (rubber band gun)
DTRDigital Technology Report
DTRDisc and Tape Record
DTRDundee Tunnel Research
DTRData Trending Recorder
DTRDynamic Trunk Reservation
DTRDepartment of Tourism and Recreation (UK)
DTRDiscover the Ride (electric motorcycles show)
DTRDepartment Technology Representative
DTRDivision Transfer
DTRDepartment of Transport and the Regions (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
DTRDemonstration Test Round
DTRDirect Tax Referencer (India)
DTRDevelopmental Test Report
DTRDaily Task Report
DTRDesignated Technical Representative
DTRDesign & Technical Resources Limited (Malta)
DTRDevelopment Technical Review (Petro Energy E&P Co., Ltd.)
DTRDuramax Tokai Rubber Tennessee Inc. (automotive parts maker)
DTRDown to Rage (Internet slang)
DTRDuct Tape Repairmen (band)
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The members of the fellowship, all from the different races of hobbits, men, elves, and dwarves are initially only bound by their common commitment to help Frodo in his mission to destroy the ring. It is during the hardships of the journey that their trust in each other grows, emanating from Gandalf, Aragorn, and Frodo, and overcoming the suspicions engendered by the history of previous encounters between the races.
The big question being asked was whether Frodo would find the strength to destroy the ring and what would happen to his faithful friend Sam, and the rest of his companions?
EA's second game based on the popular book and film franchise concludes the journey to destroy the Ring that threatens Middle Earth.
He offers a frightening mirror image for Frodo, who may face a similar disintegration if he fails to destroy the Ring. But only Gollum knows the way to Mordor, so Frodo must somehow develop a relationship with him in order to reach his destination.
He must journey across Middle-Earth to destroy the ring in the heart of Mount Doom and he enlists the help of three Hobbit pals, a Dwarf, an Elf, a wizard and two humans.
Middle-Earth's free peoples have no hope except to destroy the ring, and this can only be achieved by casting it into the volcanic fires of Mount Doom, in the land of Mordor where it was originally forged.
The film The Fellowship of the Ring, opening on December 19, features a cast of 2,500, including Ian McKellen as the wizard Gandalf, and Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, the young Hobbit on a perilous journey to destroy the ring.
A fellowship of hobbits, elves, dwarfs, and men is formed to destroy the Ring by casting it into the volcanic fires of the Crack of Doom where it was forged.
If Sam never displayed much hope in the eventual success of the quest to destroy the Ring, he always kept faith in Frodo.
He wrote The Lord of the Rings, the story of the struggle to destroy the ring, in the 1950s.
The second part of the epic fantasy follows the remaining members of the shattered Fellowship as their quest to destroy the ring becomes ever more perilous.
Your mind baffles as to whether Frodo will destroy the ring or not.