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DESUDelaware State University
DESUDelhi Electric Supply Undertaking
DESUDepartamento de Estudios Socio Urbanos (Spanish: Department of Urban Sociology; various universities)
DESUDiplôme d'Etudes Supérieures d'Université (French: Diploma of Higher University Studies)
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Desu Barker failed to win as a three-year-old but ran a good third behind Home Guard and Flair Path in the Tetrarch Stakes before moving on to Paddy Mullins, for whom he won several times over hurdles, his victories including the Downshire Hurdle at Punchestown's main meeting.
i) anoo, kyoo wa doyoobi desu kedo HM today TM Saturday COP-POL but 'Uhm, but today is Saturday.
That will, however, be an uncharacteristically bold strategy; they will more probably opt for the equivocal, suki desu, better known as the lifesaver "I like you," which can be interpreted as "I'm too timid to say more," "the consequences of being in love terrify me," or "I don't know what I want but let's keep it friendly for the present.
Toraberazu-chekku o kaetai no desu ga - I want to change a traveller's cheque
When commercial aircraft applications are considered, the market potential for the DESU is estimated to exceed $40 million over the next eight to 10 years.
e esto es que quando a ellos fallesciesse dauer rey desu linage entonce nascrie Cristo el Messias .
Okyakusama wa kamisama desu," goes the popular Japanese saying: The customer is God.
Municipal authorities in north and south Delhi have, in fact, penalised several government premises, including DDA, PWD, DESU, CPWD, BSES and prominent educational establishments, for allowing conditions conducive to the breeding of dengue- carrying mosquitoes.
sono benti-wa sobo-kara-no okurimono that bench-TOP grandmother-from-GEN gift desu COP 'The benches are gifts from my grandmother.
In a classic scene in Card Captor Sakura that has been endlessly analysed by fans, Tomoyo says to her best friend, the naive Sakura, 'Tomoyo mo Sakura-chan ga daisuki desu wa', which can be translated either as 'I love you too, Sakura' or 'I really like you too, Sakura'.
Kyoo wa Agawa Saki no kekkonshiki desu kedo, Saki-chan wa komattemasu.