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DDDDirect Distance Dialing
DDDDigital/Digital/Digital (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
DDDDivision of Developmental Disabilities (various locations)
DDDDegenerative Disc Disease
DDDData Display Debugger (GNU Project)
DDDDiners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (TV series)
DDDDomain Driven Design
DDDDefined Daily Dose
DDDDigital Divide Data (New York, NY)
DDDDéfenseur des Droits (French: Defender of Rights)
DDDDelta Delta Delta (sorority)
DDDDear Dumb Diary
DDDDirect Distance Dial
DDDDesign Definition Document
DDDDisplays and Distributed Databases
DDDDimension Driven Design
DDDDual Dynamic Drive
DDDDouble Density Disk
DDDDigital Diagnostic Disk
DDDDirection du Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Department)
DDDDrug Design and Discovery
DDDDynamic Digital Depth
DDDDas Dreckige Dutzend (German: The Dirty Dozen; gaming clan)
DDDDress Down Day (various locations)
DDDDirect Detection Device (electron microscopy)
DDDDéchets Domestiques Dangereux (French: Household Hazardous Waste; Canada)
DDDDetailed Design Document
DDDDrug Discovery and Development
DDDDictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible
DDDDiscagem Direta À Distância (Brazilian Portuguese; direct long distance dialing)
DDDDauphine Discussion Débat (French debate association)
DDDDon't Drink and Drive
DDDDeans, Directors and Department (various schools)
DDDDéploiements pour le Développement Démocratique (French: Deployment for Democratic Development; Canada)
DDDDon't Do Drugs
DDDDesired Due Date
DDDDrop Dead Date
DDDDefense Distribution Depot
DDDDiscipline Determination Dedication
DDDDesign Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Design; Belgium)
DDDDeputy District Director
DDDDébit de Dose (French: Dose Rate; nuclear energy)
DDDDrug Distribution Data
DDDDeterminant Decision Diagram
DDDDouble Diffused Drain
DDDDiamond Dust Drop (anime)
DDDMayday Relay (logging abbreviation)
DDDDistributed Dynamic Decisionmaking
DDDDigital Diagnostic Diskette
DDDDetermination/Decision Document
DDDDistributed Deadlock Detection
DDDDocumentation Driven Development (computer programming)
DDDDeadline Delivery Date
DDDDat, Dicat, Dedicat (Latin: Gives, Devotes and Dedicates)
DDDDesired Delivery Date
DDDDesign Definition Document (NASA)
DDDDooms Day Device (comics)
DDDDynamic Data Debugger
DDDDisplay Decoder Drive
DDDDelivery Due Date
DDDDrug, Disease, and Drama Free
DDDDono Dedit Dedicavit (Latin: Gave and Dedicated as a Gift)
DDDDetail Data Display (F-14 display console)
DDDDare Devil Dive (amusement park ride)
DDDDudley Death Drop (pro wrestling)
DDDDeath, Doom, and Destruction
DDDDangerous, Dirty, and Dull (robotics; tasks often given to robots)
DDDDSN Data Delivery
DDDDeactivation, Decontamination, Decomissioning
DDDDefinitely Done Deal
DDDDefensive Driving Discount
DDDDirection-Delay Doppler
DDDDetection Discrimination Designation
DDDDynamic Dummy Director
DDDDream it, Dare it, Do it
DDDDelivery Deadline Date
DDDDiamond Death Drop (pro wrestling move)
DDDDigital Dummy Director
DDDDestination, Deliberation, Determination (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
DDDDisease Drama Drug Free (online dating)
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Software AG will provide detailed design documents, system and program specifications and documented and tested program code.
Preparation of detailed design documents various performance and pressure-stage pressure control area (s) to install or reconstruction is needed: 10 + 20%.
procurement of a Managing Contractor to complete the engineering design documents for the ReNuAL Laboratories that are suitable for construction (the Detailed Design Documents ) based on the Functional Design of the ReNuAL Laboratories, which is provided as part of this solicitation (hereinafter referred to as the Functional Design ).
Bosnia And Herzegovina Are Completed In Accordance With The Detailed Design Documents, Contract
This contract includes development of detailed design documents, supply and installation of equipment units for three CHSs, replacement of heat exchangers and pumps, replacement of concurrent pipelines, and piping with a shut-off and control fittings, construction and erection works and related services
Tenders are invited for Supply and Installation of SCADA System This contract includes development of detailed design documents, supply and installation of equipment of SCADA, construction and erection works and related services according to the Technical Specifications.
The selected consultant shall prepare detailed design documents, along with specifications, based upon the
Tenders are invited for Revision and nostrification of the entire set of Detailed Design Documents for the HPP Cijevna III, in order to fulfill necessary prerequisites to approach and to obtain the Construction Permit for the HPP Cijevna 3 by the relevant authorities in the Republic of Srpska.
This contract includes development of detailed design documents, supply and installation of equipment units, construction and erection works and related services according to the Technical Specifications
Preparation and construction contractor is also responsible for detailed design documents and construction work carried out under a contract, express road network in the operation of the Authority, the following section deals says:
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