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DUDuke University
DUDelhi University
DUDubrovnik, Croatia (license plate)
DUDoctor of the University
DUUniversity of Denver
DUDhaka University
DUDucks Unlimited
DUDrexel University
DUDictionary of the Underworld
DUDiplôme d'Université (French: University Diploma)
DUDemocratic Underground (website)
DUUniversity of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
DUDisplay Unit
DUDenver University
DUDual Use (Army National Guard)
DUDuquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
DUDetailed Understanding
DUDepleted Uranium
DUDeyrnas Unedig (Welsh: United Kingdom)
DUDevelopment Unit
DUDwelling Unit (building)
DUDrake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
DUDuodenal Ulcer
DUDisk Usage
DUDominican University
DUDrew University
DUDelta Upsilon (fraternity)
DUDisk Utility
DUDenison University
DUDavenport University
DUData Unit
DUDistribution Unit
DUDocumento Unico
DUDillard University (New Orleans, LA)
DUDrury University
DUDelivery Unit
DUDog Unit
DUDanske Universiteter (Copenhagen, Denmark)
DUDobson Units
DUDigital University
DUDigital Unit
DUDesktop Underwriter (loans and mortgages tool)
DUDaily Universe (college newspaper at BYU)
DUDiscounted Utility
DUDisk Used
DUDobson Unit(s)
DUDiesel United Ltd. (Japan)
DUDecision Unit
DUWidespread Dust (METAR obscuration)
DUDocumentation Unit
DUDaugavpils Universitate (Latvia)
DUDangerous, Undetected Failure
DUDistance Uniform (signal or signal set)
DUDiagnosis Undetermined
DUDuplicator Unit
DUDerivative with respect to the variable U
DUDiscardable Unit (logistic analyses)
DUDependable Undertaking
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These small biographical details add to the growing evidence that prehistoric people had a detailed understanding of plants long before the development of agriculture.
TASTY Sainsbury's is crediting a detailed understanding of its supply chain for a rise in sales figures
Target company management will be more confident in a buyer's ability to manage and grow the business post-closing if the buyer demonstrates a thoughtful and detailed understanding of the business.
Because this metabolite arises exclusively from exposure to the parent compound, few, if any, detects would be expected based on declining alachlor use (National Agricultural Statistics Service 2005) and our detailed understanding of its biological and environmental properties (Feng et al.
A detailed understanding of the facility's energy requirements over time can also help managers spot recurring trends, simulate alternative rate structures, and negotiate better power-supply contracts.
By measuring a variety of serum markers for inflammation in a genetically well-defined cohort, we aim to gain a detailed understanding of how DG031 works.
The common theme running through all of the winning proposals is a detailed understanding of what we need for the Olympics, as well as what we need to accomplish in order to create a distinguished community for New Yorkers once the Olympics are over," said New York Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Daniel L.
For decades, however, detailed understanding of how that stretchiness toughens these materials has eluded researchers.
It is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the induced precessional magnetodynamics in order to optimize the recording process.
Fernandez Santamaria opens with the accurate observation that "a detailed understanding of [Vives's] mental world" is still a desideratum, and that hence now is the time for "monographic studies aimed at explaining narrow and well-defined aspects of his thought" (vii).
Such review requires a detailed understanding of the technology involved and how it will be applied to the use of the product.