DETECDépartement Fédéral de l'Environnement, des Transports, de l'Energie et de la Communication (French: Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications; Switzerland)
DETECDepartment of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
DETECAsociación Tecnología, Ecología y Desarrollo (Peru)
DETECDeep East Texas Electric Cooperative, Inc. (San Augustine, TX)
DETECDefense Technology Evaluation Code
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Most of the pathogens when are in VBNC state are not detec in conventional analytical methods (Rezzonico et al.
Using an innovative advanced wide-band communications mesh, providing for a low probability of intercept and detec tion, these sensors weigh a mere 1.
DETEC expects that the effect on expenses will be limited.
To measure fluctuating moisture levels, Tacoma, WA-based Detec Systems installs a 1.
Detec um ah Fix (you have to be there) - with his swing-out magnifying glass and hint of Sherlock Holmes, some Inspector Clouseau wackiness and a bit of John Cleese - was a hilarious counterpoint to the rigid and singularly focused Phileas Fogg.
Detec Systems has developed a moisture detection and monitoring system for wood, masonry, and steel frame structures.
DETEC and the automobile sector in Switzerland have already implemented a number of measures such as the levying since January 1, 2004 of a tax on fuels containing sulphur, with a view to promoting greater use of cars fitted with direct injection engines which consume up to 15% less energy.
In Switzerland, the concept of sustainable development was formally embedded in policy-making only in 1997 (see IDA-Rio, 1996; DETEC, 2001).
Estos programas estan disponibles con distribuidores como: Integradores Detec, Asea Proesa y Ducarsys, entre otros.
Due to participant attrition, the final analysis was conducted on a total of 30 participants (martial arts condition, n = 15, 8 females, 7 males; comparison condition, n = 15, 4 females, 11 males) and previous research has shown that this sample size is adequate to detec t meaningful differences in the perception of experimentally induced pressure pain (Koltyn et al.
Second, and more important, the conventional methods used to detec t leverage points and influential data are derived assuming a standard linear model (e.
La vigilancia epidemiologica de infecciones intrahospitalarias apoyada por el metodo de estudio empleando casos y controles representan procedimientos eficientes para la detec cion, diagnostico y control de los brotes de bacteremia secundaria nosocomial en neonatos; esto demostrado por la facilidad como se dilucido el presente brote, el cual fue, como se verifico inmediatamente despues, debido al uso inadecuado de los elementos de la nutricion parenteral consistente en la utilizacion de los aminoacidos y lipidos sobrantes, hasta por varias semanas despues de haberse vulnerado los empaques originales de los productos preparados comercialmente.