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DetPDeterminer Phrase (linguistics)
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In a revision of her dissertation, Saric addresses the issue of the universality of the Determiner Phrase projection by looking at a rather peculiar behavior of nominalizations in Serbian--the so-called double adnominal genitive constructions--which some linguists have taken as evidence against Determiner Phrase in this Slavic language.
In Pima, as Smith explains, D-quantifiers are not determiners; they are adnominal expressions that may occur within the determiner phrase. A-quantifiers function as adverbs, usually appearing before the verbs, but with significant flexibility.
[Look, there is a dabo here and there is a fish here) (a dabo: DP (indefinite determiner phrase) with a pseudo-noun in different conditions, varying as a function of the gender of the determiner (masc;/fem) and noun-endings combinations (-o, -a, -e)) O/A dabo/a/e e o peixe estao jogando bola na praia.
Recall that cross linguistically, possessives are situated below the determiner phrase (cf.
Layers in the Determiner Phrase. New York: Garland.
In chapter 6, "The Second Language Acquisition of Nominal Phrases," Hawkins presents studies on the acquisition of articles in L2 English and considers their findings in the light of the structure of Determiner Phrase (DP) (Abney 1987).
The study examined the acquisition of a new functional category and its related features in the domain of determiner phrase (DP) in an advanced stage of interlanguage development.
As in (30), the noun man is morphologically singular and selects a determiner phrase whose morphological agreement information is compatible with its own AGR value.
The Afro-Bolivian Spanish Determiner Phrase: A Microparametric Account