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DCFLDefense Computer Forensics Laboratory (US DoD)
DCFLDepartment of Children, Families and Learning (Minnesota)
DCFLDetroit City Futbol League (Michigan)
DCFLDiocesan Center for Family Life (Jacksonville, FL)
DCFLDirect Coupled FET Logic
DCFLDacorum Communities for Learning (Hemel Hempstead, UK)
DCFLDeterministic Context-Free Language (formal language theory)
DCFLDouble-Clad Fiber Laser (optical technology)
DCFLDistributed Cross-Producing of Field Labels (algorithm)
DCFLDesert Combat Fun League (gaming)
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Unexpectedly, this question turns out to be intimately related to the complexity of deterministic context-free language (DCFL) recognition.
The recognition problem for a deterministic context-free language L is to decide, given a word x, whether x [element of] L.
Parallel random access machines with owned global memory and deterministic context-free language recognition.
Third, using the same basic machinery, we show that the recognition problem for deterministic context-free languages can be solved quickly on a deterministic auxiliary pushdown automaton having random access to its input tape, a log n space work tape, and pushdown store of small maximum height.
Recall that LOGDCFL is the class of languages log space reducible to deterministic context-free languages.
It was shown in Section 3 that generalized CROW-PRAMs satisfying G1-G6 can be simulated by deterministic auxiliary PDAs with log n space and polynomial time, and thus that languages recognized by such machines are in Sudborough's class LOGDCFL of languages log space reducible to deterministic context-free languages.
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