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2--Color) Devin Grange, 5, tests out a Huey helicopter that was used by pilots of the Antarctic Development Squadron Six to take scientists around Antarctica.
Scientific Development Squadron ONE (VXS-1), stationed at the Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Md.
Russell (SSN 687), and Submarine Development Squadron 12, the oldest experimental unit of its kind in the U.
His sea tours as a commissioned officer include Supply Officer in Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE 6); USS Harry E.
was redesignated Scientific Development Squadron (VXS) 1 on 13 December 2004.
Flights administered by Naval Research Laboratory Scientific Development Squadron One (VXS-1) were flown using NP-3D Orion turboprop aircraft specially equipped with a suite of unique state of the art remote sensing technology that included dual gravimeters, scalar and vector magnetometers, a digital photogrammetric camera, hyperspectral imager and an L-band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar.
The LC-130F was formerly operational with Antarctic Development Squadron 6.
A Vietnam veteran, his sea tours as a commissioned officer include Supply Officer, Antarctic Development Squadron 6 (VXE 6); Supply Officer, USS Harry E.
In his career he has commanded a nuclear-powered deep research sub, commanded a fast attack sub, commanded a submarine development squadron, and commanded the Atlantic submarine fleet.
Below, Antarctic Development Squadron 6 flew the C-130 Hercules as part of Operation Deep Freeze, the Navy's support of scientific missions in Antarctica.
The Navy later changed the definition of the designator VX, and thus the squadron became Development Squadron 1 in October 1949 and Air Development Squadron 1 in February 1950.
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