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DSWDesigner Shoe Warehouse
DSWGoodbye (Morse Code abbreviation)
DSWWork Space (file extension)
DSWDirector of Social Welfare (Hong Kong)
DSWDivision of Surface Water
DSWDeutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung (German Foundation for World Population)
DSWDisconnect Switch (various companies)
DSWDeutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (German protective society for securities)
DSWDefinition of Solid Waste (EPA)
DSWDistributed Switching
DSWDeveloper Studio Workspace
DSWDisability Sport Wales (UK)
DSWDoctor of Social Work
DSWDust Storm Warning (Emergency Alert System code)
DSWDead Sea Works (Israel)
DSWDisaster Service Worker (California)
DSWDienst Sociale Werkvoorziening (Dutch: Sheltered Service)
DSWDirect Service Workforce (various organizations)
DSWDirected Stockpile Work
DSWDeutsches Sozialwerk (German: German Social Services)
DSWDevelopmental Services Worker
DSWDe Sociale Werkplaats (Dutch: The Social Workplace)
DSWDevice Status Word
DSWData Status Word
DSWDear Sweet Wife
DSWDeep South Wrestling, LLC (WWE developmental/farm league)
DSWDick Size War
DSWDoctor of Social Welfare
DSWDolly Sods Wilderness
DSWDivorced Separated Widowed (marital status)
DSWDeutsch Schorr Waite Algorithm (garbage collection algorithm)
DSWDeep Sternal Wound (infections)
DSWData Storage Workshop
DSWDiesel Seawater
DSWDesperately Seeking Wife
DSWDirect Scheduled Work-order (USAF Civil Engineering)
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However, compared to other jurisdictions in the US, UK, and Australia, there is a relatively high unionization rate among developmental services workers in Ontario.
From the perspective of developmental services workers, economic concerns on the job are inseparable from concerns over the quality of supports and services.
A consistent theme in the experience of austerity by developmental services workers was that austerity was typically framed and understood by its impacts on people supported.
Union activism among developmental services workers blended traditional forms of workplace solidarity with value-based unionism and solidarity with people supported.
65) In addition, for developmental services workers, such sacrifices protect the personal bond they have with people that goes beyond their role as paid employees.
Previous research of developmental services workers in Ontario found nearly eighteen per cent of the workforce reported experiencing high levels of emotional exhaustion.
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