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D2DDisk-To-Disk (backup technology/strategy)
D2DDay to Day
D2DDoor to Door (sales)
D2DDirect to Disk (recording technology)
D2DDot to Dot
D2DDirect to Data (ParkerVision, Inc.)
D2DData to Desktop
D2DDealer to Dealer
D2DDistrict-to-District (education)
D2DDepartment to Department
D2DDevice-to-Device (communications)
D2DDigital-to-Digital (converter)
D2DDesign to Delivery (various organizations)
D2DDatabase to Database
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is developing leading edge device-to-device direct Internet protocol applications that provide communications services for consumers and for business across mobile devices, tablet, desktops and laptops.
Wireless communications technology company TeleCommunication Systems Inc (TCS) (Nasdaq:TSYS) announced on Tuesday the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 7,624,185 entitled 'System For Automated Device-To-Device Transfer System.
The first device performs a device-to-device transfer of the converted messages and the converted session history to the second device, enabling a seamless transfer of the session to the second device.
The conclusion to this discussion is that ESCON to SAN high-speed, device-to-device data transfers are more in the realm of fiction than fact.
As mentioned, data that comes from a mainframe into the SAN is similar to any data transfer that occurs on a device-to-device level in the SAN-there has to be some way to place the data onto a device or subsystem where its location can be managed correctly by a file or database system.
silex is also introducing a new line of USB device-to-device servers designed to allow people to connect USB devices to a network.
Connects two printers for the cost of one print server * Supports multiple operating systems * Includes built-in flash ROM for firmware upgrade * With an MSRP of $299 the overall cost of network printer connections goes down for enterprises of all sizes New Device-to-Device Products
Leveraging its technical expertise in developing quality print connectivity products, silex, in a separate announcement, is launching two new device-to-device servers designed to connect USB devices directly to the network for use by multiple computer users.
More than just a wireless print server, the SX-3700WB is the first single-port wireless device-to-device server connecting networkable USB peripherals to the network.
With silex's device-to-device network connectivity drivers and utilities in its SX-3700WB and SX-5000U2 device servers, USB-enabled devices such as printers, multi-function printers, scanners, storage devices or digital cameras are easily converted into shared resources on networks of any size.
We believe that TSR will be a cost-effective technology that can allow for direct device-to-device communication.
Gabriela Martinho, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, believes that players in the device-to-device communications sector can successfully clear the obstacle of apprehension over security by educating end-users and providing evidence of continued security assurance.