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DIBDDress in Blue Day (colon cancer awareness)
DIBDDevelopment International Birth Date (drugs; Development Safety Update Report)
DIBDDanish Industry International Business Development (trade association; various locations)
DIBDDual Independent Belt Drive (Macron)
DIBDDevil In a Blue Dress (movie/novel)
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I feel like I did my ode to the tragic mulatto gal with Devil in a Blue Dress.
Parker and the Vicious Circle prior to Devil in a Blue Dress, and I had recorded several people who had lived through the '40s.
Devil in a Blue Dress (1990), A Red Dress (1991), White Butterfly (1992), Black Betty (1994), and A Little Yellow Dog (1996).
Wesley's "Power and Knowledge in Walter Mosley's Devil in a Blue Dress," an incisive analysis of race and ethnicity in Mosley's first hard-boiled detective novel, appeared in African American Review 35 (2001): 103-116.
Mosley is best known for his novel Devil in a Blue Dress (W.
Undeterred by his early rejection, Mosley wrote Devil in a Blue Dress, his first book featuring Easy Rawlins in a mystery genre.
I suppose the whole story of Devil in a Blue Dress could be found in those two signs, the tattoo and the company logo.
After a six-year hiatus, Easy Rawlins returns in Walter Mosley's new book, Bad Boy Brawly Brown, clue out in July, The author of more than 12 books--Bad Boy is his 13th--Mosley's Rawlins series debuted in 1990 with Devil in a Blue Dress.
Let me start by comparing two opening scenes, the first from Raymond Chandler's Farewell, My Lovely (1942) and the second from Walter Mosley's Devil in a Blue Dress (1990).
Award-winning author Walter Mosley, whose novels Devil in A Blue Dress (Norton, 1990) and Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (Norton, 1997) have been transformed into feature films, is readying a new slate of film projects.
The Color Purple, Beloved, A Lesson Before Dying, Devil in a Blue Dress, Waiting to Exhale and The Wedding are books that have been converted to movies for the big and small screen, a trend that has been fueled by the recent proliferation of black authors writing on diverse themes.
Devil in a Blue Dress - Rent this recent film noir entry that gives you the real scoop on blue-collar life in downtown L.