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DEWIDeutsches Windenergie Institut GmbH (German: German Wind Energy Institute Ltd.)
DEWIData Extraction Web Interface
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Anogwyd plant Ynys Mon i ddathlu Dydd Gwyl Dewi drwy ddangos caredigrwydd gan Cadeirydd y Cyngor, Dylan Rees Mewn llythyr at bennaethiad ysgolio yr ynys fe eglurodd: "Fy ngobaith yw y bydd plant yn cofio Dewi Sant mewn ffordd gwerth chweil, drwy wneud pethau caredig, fel y gwnaeth ef.
But after having an operation in St Louis in the US, Dewi is now beginning to achieve the dreams he once had of walking, running and now riding a bike.
Dewi's mum, Deborah James from Pontypridd, said: "We worked out the total cost of the operation and the travelling costs would come to about PS60,000.
From left | | , new recruits, Dewi Paddock, left, new recruits, Dewi Paddock, James Cullen and David Jones
Dewi will lead a team of relationship directors and locally-based support managers, assisting businesses with a turnover of pounds 5million and above to access financial and industry specialist support.
Chair of the LOC and a member of the Welsh Committee of Ophthalmic Opticians Dewi continued to practice until he was 79.
Dewi was trained up by retired farmer John Bell, 77, of Howden, East Yorks.
Dewi spent most of the time sleeping as Miamunah wandered around their outdoor enclosure.
Dewi exchanged her vows in Bandung during the ceremony, which took around 25 minutes and cost about GBP12.
Yudhoyono will be better as Indonesian president...I expect a lot from him,'' Dewi told an audience of foreign reporters in Tokyo.
The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau concluded that of the 130 million yen in unreported income in the three years up to May 2001, about 100 million yen was her income and the rest was ascribed to Office Dewi Sukarno, the sources said.
AR DRYWYDD DEWI SANT Gerald Morgan (Y Lolfa, PS5.99) Cyfrol fach yw Ar Drywydd Dewi Sant gan Gerald Morgan, ond y mae ynddi gyfoeth o wybodaeth a ffrwyth ymchwil eang a gofalus.