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DEWPOINTDirected Energy Weapon Power Integration
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"We are thrilled to have the backing of a world-class syndicate, an experienced team, and an interdisciplinary group of scientific advisors to tackle the important work of exploiting this long-overlooked arena of biology for drug discovery in areas of highest unmet medical need," said Amir Nashat, managing partner of Polaris Partners and CEO of Dewpoint.
As shown here, for example, ambient air at a temperature of 75 F with a dewpoint temperature of 60 F has a relative humidity of 59.62%, meaning it has absorbed over half of the water that it is able to hold at that specific temperature.
The dewpoint in Houston, to your south-southeast, is 73 degrees.
Result: 1st Joe Clayton & Dewpoint Diamond - 40.08sec, 2nd Holly Smith & Manolito P - 42.77, 3rd Joe Clayton & Hikita - 43.64, 4th Anneliese Aitken & Eagele Z - 45.23, 5th Harry Bateman & Zuniek VD Tojopehoeve - 38.57.
It may be necessary to incorporate some kind of sensor and interlock that shuts down the system when the window is open and the dewpoint exceeds the chilled water temperature.
"I was looking to be based from a business centre that embraces Dewpoint's core business ethos of building sustainability."
With the recent implementation of Rules 609 and Rule 318A.e(4) by the COGCC, Dewpoint West will now be offering services to ensure complete compliance for these new regulations on Baseline Groundwater Sampling.
For protective coating inspection there are three key electronic gauges that now have Bluetooth communications capability, the Elcometer 224 Surface Profile Gauge, the Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter for climatic monitoring and the Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge.
PCT3 drying technology is said to deliver extremely stable dewpoint and drying temperatures throughout the entire drying cycle for the lowest possible energy consumption by incorporating an advanced heat recovery system, adaptive energy optimiser and a water saver valve.
29 September 2011 - Finnish measuring equipment maker Vaisala Oyj (HEL:VAIAS) announced it would expand its dewpoint and pressure transmitter (DPT) offering for compressed air monitoring via the launch of the DPT 146 product.
Those water bodies drive dewpoint temperatures--a very good measure of the total amount of moisture in the air--into the mid-70s.