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DMCFDexia Micro-Credit Fund (Luxembourg)
DMCFDownham Market Christian Fellowship (UK)
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The USD22m will be extended to the Pichincha Bank by several Panamanian financial institutions, with USD10m from Banco Global, USD5m from the Dexia Micro-Credit Fund run by Blue Orchard, USD5m from Banco Aliado and another USD2m from Multibanco de Panama.
Luxemburg-based Dexia Micro-Credit Fund is to invest in Mongolia-based Khas Bank.
The Dexia Micro-Credit Fund has financed over 60 microfinance organizations in 25 developing countries.
ResponsAbility Global Microfinance and Dexia Micro-Credit funds are the largest in terms of assets under management as well as microentrepreneurs reached by the fund.