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DfESDepartment for Education and Skills (UK government; formerly DFEE)
DfESDutch Fork Elementary School (Irmo, SC)
DfESDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services (various locations)
DfESDoctors for Emergency Service
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The DFE's return will of course report a categorical breakdown of its assets and liabilities, but linking the DFEs investments with its investor-plan's presents the challenge.
pounds 533million had not been passed on when budget statements were made to DFES.
They then enter the account number on to a DfES website and debit the price of the training or course.
DFEs include master trust investment accounts (MTIAs), common or collective trusts (CCTs), pooled separate accounts (PSAs), 103-12 investment entities (103-12 IEs) and group insurance arrangements (GIAs).
When completed, the project will secure a reliable emergency firefighting water source and complement the fire management strategies being developed in partnership between the shire and DFES.
When asked, using the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, the Welsh Government said it could not disclose how many staff in DfES had faced disciplinary action for capability since devolution.
Having investigated the general patterns of pension plan utilization of indirect investment vehicles, we now briefly review the general patterns of investment allocation by DFEs themselves.
The DfES figures, for the school year 2004/05, show 43,720 primary school children were given "fixed term exclusions".
The DFES spokesman said that head teachers have always been in a position to set their school's uniform policy and this remains the case under the new guidelines.
Children's services at Sefton Council have provided outline details of these plans to the DfES along with an indepth report.
The full report can be downloaded from the DfES website at www.
The British Humanist Association and the Christian think-tank Ekklesia wrote to the DfES earlier this year to say that Truth In Science was promoting creationism and intelligent design.