DFLADemocrats for Life of America (Washington, DC)
DFLADisenhanced Four-letter Acronym
DFLADamn Four Letter Acronym
DFLADonald F. Lee & Associates, Inc. (Lake City, FL)
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Since arriving at DFLA, she has organized national recognition dinners, the DFLA political action committee (PAC), and events at the 2004 Democratic National Convention--where, after the platform committee reaffirmed a woman's right to choose and specifically supported the reproductive rights of the poor, Day told the Baptist Press, "The platform language is definitely disturbing.
More often than not, Day acts as a cheerleader for antichoice Democratic lawmakers, issuing congratulatory press releases on the DFLA Web site after they vote to restrict reproductive rights.
In 2005, DFLA claimed to have 40 state chapters, with plans to add additional chapters by 2006.
Lack of funds could be limiting the effectiveness of other DFLA initiatives.
For 2006, the DFLA PAC listed just two donors, both of whom are on the DFLA board of directors.
Seeking to shape a prolife Democratic agenda in Congress, DFLA under Day's direction began work on what would become known as the 95-10 Initiative, a package of legislative and policy initiatives that sought to reduce the number of abortions by 95 percent within 10 years by "promoting abstinence, personal responsibility, adoptions and support for women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancies.
A bill based on the initiative was to be introduced by DFLA Federal Advisory Board members Davis, Stupak and, principally, Ryan.
DFLA regrouped after rejecting Ryan's bill and rallied behind a proposal sponsored by Davis and known as the Pregnant Women Support Act.
According to DFLA, "Most women who have abortions do so with great reluctance, and many would decide otherwise if they had greater support in bearing or raising the child and if alternatives were available to them.
DFLA rightly notes that "preventing pregnancy is an important part of reducing the abortion rate in America" and that "there are several ways to address prevention," but it goes on to claim erroneously that "there is no clear consensus" about how best to pursue prevention "because of ethical, religious or personal reasons.
DFLA admits that its reason for including funding for ultrasound apparatuses in its proposal is because "seeing a sonogram helps mothers make the emotional attachment to their unborn child.
During the 2006 election cycle, in which the Democrats regained majorities in the House and the Senate, DFLA executive Day bragged to the Baptist Press that "we worked very closely with the DCCC this election.