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DHTMLDynamic Hyper Text Markup Language
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The first roadblock is that DHTML is really not about HTML.
Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati says, "Dekoh brings the best appeal to a wider developer community of Java[TM], AJAX, DHTML and Flash.
The added support for DHTML positioning enables users to retain the look, feel, and accurate layout of their original document.
Writing desktop applications using the same web standards like Java[TM], AJAX, DHTML, Flash, and PHP is exciting for developers.
The company says that the course authoring tool is the first to include support for DHTML, enabling interactive online courses to be delivered via any of the latest web browsers without the need for plug-ins.
Taking advantage of advanced AJAX and DHTML technologies, exaroom's user profiles are completely dynamic; customized directly through the exaroom interface.
These rich Internet applications make heavy use of scripting, and developers often improvise hybrids of existing technologies, including AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, and SVG.
Multiple GUI development technologies such as DHTML, Flash and Java are fully supported while comprehensive management and configuration tools allow fast integration with leading IPTV service platforms.
Founded in 1998, ClientSide has pioneered the use of AJAX and DHTML technologies to develop Web pages that interact like responsive PC applications.
Additionally, the new exaroom service delivers a dynamic, interactive and easy-to-use consumer experience via AJAX and DHTML technologies, making a significant contribution to the implementation of these innovations on the Internet today.