DiBtDeutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German)
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"The DIBt has introduced a testing method which ensures that emissions being measured come entirely from the coating and not the substrate."
The withdrawal strength [f.sub.ax] can be computed by the expression given in DIBT [17]:
The Statement of Compliance for the Design Assessment of the 2 MW 50 Hz D8.2 with an 80 m rotor diameter and 80 m hub height tower was conducted for DIBt Wind Zone III conditions and in conformance with DIN EN 61400-1 guidelines.
VITROX resin has been tested extensively in the field by I.S.T and is currently undergoing German national certification from Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik (DIBt) Berlin--a third party institute.
the suitability according to whg (only with dibt certificate) is mandatory.
the components of the fire alarm system must comply with the current standards and guidelines and have an associated approval number (vds, dibt, etc.)!
(Ex-protected), drip tray with valid DIBt approval, galvanized grating grille cover with potential equalization, double-leaf fire protection, electrical installation package for active storage, lighting (Ex-protected) Zone 1), pictogram at the door outside.
The recognition of the Saflex DG properties by the DIBt for glass design is a significant step forward, says Kevin Moens, Global Business Director Advanced Materials Interlayers.
Certified in accordance with Dibt (German Institute for Building Technology) guideline 2012 for wind zone S, the turbine is particularly designed for low-wind regions with wind speeds of an annual average of up to 7.5 m/s.
The subject of this procurement procedure is the preparation of the necessary planning services for the preparation and conduct of the approval process until receipt of the permit by the Federal Pollution Control Act on investment, including the creation of the necessary expert opinions, in particular the environmental impact study, the species protection certificates (as required by the nature conservation framework of Rhineland -Pfalz , September 2012) taking into account the black stork resources and technical expertise, including which in particular advice with regard to the noise and shadows, the stability iS DIBt 2012 and the hydrogeological expertise, where appropriate, the soil investigation.
4102-5 / 18095 made to manufacture DIN from a two-leaf door, 1 fixed glazed circular arc-shaped skylight and 2 fixed glazed side panels, installed in a solid wall, with supervisory approval of DIBt, as a replica of the historic existing doors, according to length, size 2.4 2.6 x 3.3 x 4.2 m,16 pieces.