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DASPDisk Anti-Shock Protection (Acer)
DASPDisk anti Shock Protection
DASPData Administration Strategic Plan
DASPDigital Assisted Services Program
DASPDrive Active Slave Present
DASPDell Authorized Service Provider
DASPDynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor
DASPDynamic Active Server Page
DASPDeparting Australia Superannuation Payment (Australian Taxation Office)
DASPDistributive Analysis Stata Package (software)
DASPDynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor (Nvidia)
DASPDirection de l'Appui au Secteur Privé (French: Directorate of Private Sector Support; Senegal)
DASPDrive Active/Slave Present (IDE hard disk drive pin)
DASPDigital Audio Signal Processing
DASPData Administration Strategic Plan (US DoD)
DASPDiabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (CDC)
DASPDisaster Assistance Support Program
DASPDeutsche Gesellschaft für die Afrikanischen Staaten Portugiesischer Sprache (German Society for Portugugese-speaking Afican Syayes, Bonn)
DASPData Analysis Statistics and Probability
DASPDelaware Association of School Psychologists
DASPDivision of Atmospheric and Space Physics (Canadian Association of Physicists)
DASPDeliver Automated Solutions Process
DASPDepartamento Administrativo de Saúde Pública (Brasil)
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The CDC and Immunology of Diabetes Society developed the Diabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (DASP) to improve laboratory methods, evaluate laboratory performance, support development of sensitive and specific autoantibody measurement technologies, and develop reference methods.
We compared the signal to the Eu signal measured from 10 negative samples in the Diabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (DASP) 2005 sample panel.
In addition to the Finnish samples, we analyzed two sets of serum samples from the Diabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (DASP) 2002, in total 50 patients with type 1 diabetes and 100 controls.
3]-tetraacetic acid; RU, relative unit(s); TPO, thyroid peroxidase; Tg, thyroglobulin; and DASP, Diabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program.
The maximum sum for both assays was higher than the result obtained in the Diabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (DASP) 2002, in which serum samples from 50 patients with type 1 diabetes and 100 controls were analyzed.
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