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DTISDiagnostic Trade Integration Study (World Trade Organization)
DTISDepartment of Telecommunications and Information Services (San Francisco, California)
DTISDourlens Technique Industrie Services (French: Dourlens Technical Services Industry)
DTISDesign and Technology of Integrated Systems (in Nanoscale Era; international conference)
DTISDebtors Tracking Information System (South Africa)
DTISDon Tilma Information Solutions (Canada)
DTISDammit This Is Stupid (comedy troupe)
DTISDefense Technical Integration Services
DTISDon't Take It Seriously
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The objective of the Second Trade Development Facility Project for Lao People's Democratic Republic is to support the implementation of government's trade and integration priorities outlined in the 2012 Diagnostic Trade Integration Study, or DTIS roadmap, and in particular to contribute to improved competitiveness and diversification, focusing outside the natural resource sectors.
The Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) and Action Matrix tools provide the framework for countries to jointly take forward priority activities and projects to promote trade.
International and regional trade, especially with South Asian and East Asian neighbors is critical for Bangladesh to create more and better jobs for the 2 million youths entering the labor force every year, says a new Diagnostic Trade Integration Study launched today by the World Bank.
At a national conference in February 2003, government representatives, UN agencies, private sector, civil society and development partners discussed recommendations of the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS).
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