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D/PDocuments Against Payment
D/PDiametral Pitch
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Building on this, every Damas customer who buys diamond/pearl jewellery or watches for Dh3,000 or more from any Damas store in the UAE will be able to purchase a coupon at Dh50, from which the proceeds will go as a donation directly to Dubai Cares.
There's little similarity between this or Pokemon Diamond/Pearl as this time you control a Pokemon who undertakes quests, dives into dungeons and rescues trapped Pokemon.
Hit products included Nintendo DS games such as ''Pocket Monster Diamond/Pearl'' and those designed for adults trying to improve their mental functions and prevent senility.
There have been some grumblings about a lack of quality titles on the Wii, but fortunately for the big N, there is no such shortage on the DS - and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl could be the best yet.