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DNDistinguished Name (IDAP)
DNDagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
DNDeath Note (movie)
DNDomain Name
DNDiário de Noticias (Portuguese newspaper)
DNDirectory Number
DNDisplay Name (internet chat)
DNDagens Næringsliv (Norwegian financial newspaper)
DNDuke Nukem (Game)
DNDoncaster (postcode, United Kingdom)
DNDecision Notice
DNDish Network (satellite TV provider)
DNDomain Network
DNDouble Negative
DNDouble Negative (hardcore punk band)
DNDetroit News
DNDialed Number
DNDigital Number
DNDistrito Nacional (Dominican Republic)
DNDiameter Nominal
DNDestination Number
DNDepartment of the Navy
DNData Numbers
DNDr. No (James Bond movie)
DNDirk Nowitzki (basketball player)
DNDistrict Nurse
DNDianetics (Scientology)
DNDan Air
DNDefense News
DNDelivery Note
DNDebit Note (accounting)
DNDaydream Nation (Sonic Youth album)
DNDominus Noster (Latin: Our Lord, epigraphy)
DNDelta Nu (sorority)
DNDelayed Neutron
DNDoctor of Naprapathy (a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue)
DNDoctor of Nursing
DNDiscrepancy Notice
DNDouble Nil (card game move)
DNDibucaine Number
DNDemocracy Now! (radio news program)
DNDesign Notice
DNdigital nonsecure (US DoD)
DNDrafting Note (comments on document drafts)
DNDependency Net
DNDiscipline Node
DNDiagnostics, Neutron
DNDragon Nest (gaming)
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Since his announcement, over one thousand NOI members have become "Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors.
bookstore chain owner who has been continuously selling Dianetics since
Siedler told attendees at the commemorative event that "Dianetics continues to outsell all other self-improvement titles year after year and the new 50th anniversary marketing and promotional campaign looks better than ever and promises to keep Dianetics on top.
Dianetics is defined as "what the soul is doing to the body through the mind," and the subject explains how the mind contains a hidden influence that will cause individuals to perform the most insane acts.
American science fiction author, who founded Dianetics and Scientology.
This slightly unnerving logic is reflexively alluded to in In the Future Everyone Will Be a Foundation, 2009, which captures the viewer on a small video screen and is decorated with various utilitarian objects, as well as a copy of the Sci-entologist tract Dianetics.
The Dublin Mission says it is offering two separate subjects, Dianetics and Scientology, but experts claim those who take up Dianetics are soon introduced to Scientology - a belief system based entirely on the writings of the science fiction author L Ron Hubbard.
These years were marked by Ernest's growing disenchantment with his teenaged son, over, ostensibly, his troubles in school, his dabbling in Dianetics, and, in the spring of 1951, his sudden marriage without his father's consent or even knowledge.
Church leaders understood to be from Birmingham set up a stall at Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Centre after making a booking under the name Dianetics, the church's main theory.
Wells's naive inability to understand the power of the literary establishment to the American technological sublime, from Dianetics to the social consequences of the Trinity detonation for the nearby Mescalero Apache Reservation, from critical theory to popular polemics.
Q: The difference between Dianetics and Psychology?
1986 L Ron Hubbard, the American author who founded Dianetics and Scientology, died.