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DIADefense Intelligence Agency (USA)
DIADenver International Airport
DIADedicated Internet Access
DIADocument Interchange Architecture
DIADepartment of Internal Affairs
DIADetroit Institute of Arts
DIADevelopment in Action (UK)
DIADied in Action
DIADeclaración de Impacto Ambiental (Spanish: Environmental Impact Statement)
DIADubai International Airport
DIADepartment of International Affairs
DIADrug Information Association
DIADemocracy in America (Alexis de Tocqueville book)
DIADirect Internet Access
DIADiploma in Accountancy (various schools)
DIADistribuidora Internacional de Alimentación (Spanish: International Food Distributor)
DIADriving Instructors Association (Croydon, UK)
DIADeclaração de Impacte Ambiental (Portuguese: Environmental Impact Statement)
DIADesign Institute of America
DIADéclaration d'Intention d'Aliéner (French: Declaration of Intention to Dispose)
DIADenuncia Inizio Attività (Italy)
DIADeposit Insurance Agency (Russia)
DIADepartment of Industrial Accidents
DIADubai International Academy (Dubai , UAE)
DIADepartment of Intercollegiate Athletics (various schools)
DIADigital Image Archive
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIADebug Information Access
DIADemocracy in Action
DIADiploma in Administration
DIADirector of Intercollegiate Athletics (US Military Academy)
DIADual Immersion Academy (Salt Lake City, UT)
DIADirezione Investigativa Antimafia (Italyian: Antimafia Investigation Department)
DIADeutsches Institut für Altersvorsorge
DIADepartment of Indigenous Affairs (Perth, Western Australia)
DIADepartamento de Inteligencia Artificial
DIADynamic Input Area
DIADimeric Inhibin A (protein)
DIADeutsche Immobilien-Akademie
DIADevelopment Interface Agreement (supplier document)
DIADigital Image Analyzer
DIADocumentation et Information pour l'Afrique (French: Documentation and Information for Africa)
DIADisability Income Associate
DIADiversified Investment Advisors (various locations)
DIADaily Interest Account
DIADigitális Irodalmi Akadémia
DIAData Invulnerability Architecture
DIADischarge Impact Area (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality)
DIADar-es-Salaam International Airport (Tanzania)
DIADiffusion Immunoassay
DIADays Inns of America, Inc.
DIADeutsche Informatik-Akademie GmbH (Bonn, Germany)
DIADipartimento di Informatica e Applicazioni
DIADifference Image Analysis
DIAData Integrity Assurance
DIADepartment of Inspections & Appeals
DIADemocracy in Albany (website)
DIADefense Investigators Association
DIADipartimento Investigativo Antimafia
DIADepartment of Industry Act (Canada)
DIADiamond Institute of America
DIADry-cleaning Institute of Australia (Cessnock, NSW, Australia)
DIADesarollo Integral Auténtico (Spanish: Authentic Integral Development, Guatemala)
DIADeficiency In Allowance
DIADate of Initial Appointment
DIADairy Industry Authority (Australia)
DIADirector of Inmate Affairs (Correctional Services Canada)
DIADisk Interface Adapter
DIADistribuidora Interamericana de Alimentos, SA (Guatemala)
DIADeadline Imposition for Arrival
DIADemokratikus Ifjúságért Alapítványt
DIADistributed Ingest Architecture
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(Figure 1) on the NADPH-dependent catalytic activity (diaphorase activity) of PfFNR (Table 1) was inquired.
The in vivo study showed that rat erythrocyte NADH diaphorase activity was significantly elevated in the presence of the oral hypoglycaemic drugs, daonil, glucophage and diabenese.
Effects of flavonoid compounds on the activity of NADPH diaphorase prepared from the mouse brain.
In this case, wells containing 20 [micro]L of AlamarBlue [TM] or different concentrations of resazurin (175, 350, 525 and 700 [micro]M) diluted in 180 [micro]L of RPMI-1640 complete medium were incubated in triplicate for thirty minutes with different amounts of vitamin C (0.5 x [10.sup.3], 1.0 x [10.sup.3], 2.0 x [10.sup.3], 3.0 x [10.sup.3] and 4.0 x [10.sup.3] [micro]g/mL), which were used as a reduction agent capable of simulating diaphorase activity.
The existence of a 'diaphorase' activity capable of transferring hydrogen from NAD(P)[H.sub.2] to atmospheric oxygen via cytoplasmic (microsomal) cytochromes (e.g.
This large Kentucky family lacked the enzyme diaphorase, hence their perfectly blue skin.; gels with pH gradients 3 to 7 (50%) and 4 to 5 (50%) for diaphorase (DIA; E.C.
The simultaneous reduction of methaemoglobin to haemoglobin is mainly catalysed by NADH-dependent reductase (diaphorase).
Protein extracts of seeds incubated just one day showed small differences in activities of the enzymes diaphorase (EC, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (EC, malate dehydrogenase (EC, NAD-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase (EC, NADP-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase (EC, and peroxidase (EC between seeds imbibed at 5[degrees]C [slow germination] and 22[degrees]C [rapid germination] (Mitchell and Nunez, 1997).
Phosphoglucomutase (Pgm), glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (Got) (= aspartate aminotransferase), menadione reductase (Mnr) (= diaphorase), malic enzyme (Me), and peroxidase (Per) were stained according to procedures described in Soltis et al.
Murad, "[Ca.sup.2+]/calmodulin-dependent NO Synthase type I: A biopteroflavoprotein with [Ca.sup.2+]/calmodulin-independent diaphorase and reductase activities," Biochemistry, vol.