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When combined with dibasic lead phthalate, this additive yields a reaction product with HCI having water solubility in the range of 10 ppm.
* EPM/EPDM - Replacement of the customary 5 phr of either red lead or dibasic lead phthalate used to scavenge chloride in electrical insulation intended for wet locations.
Thus, ECO copolymer commonly uses a mixture of dibasic lead phthalate and phosphite, even when black filled.
Table 2 Lead stabilizer Low extractable blend Dibasic lead phthalate X-1129 Dibasic lead phosphite X-1179 Tribasic lead sulfate X-1132 Litharge X-1141 Red lead X-1185
Although this exceeds the 5 mg/l needed for certification as nonhazardous waste, recompounding to lower levels of stabilizer or replacement with X-1129 dibasic lead phthalate could overcome this.