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DBTDialectical Behavior Therapy
DBTDepartment of Biotechnology (India)
DBTDrive-By Truckers (band)
DBTDuxbury Braille Translator (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
DBTDays Beyond Terms
DBTDeutscher Bundestag (German Parliament)
DBTData Base Text
DBTDeterministic Bit Rate
DBTData Base Technology
DBTDynamic Binary Translation
DBTDesign Basis Threat
DBTDirective Basse Tension (French: Low Voltage Directive)
DBTDouble-Blind Test (method)
DBTDeep Body Temperature (physiological state)
DBTDry Bulb Temperature
DBTDelayed Brain Tumor
DBTDigital Business Technology (Australia)
DBTDialektisk Beteendeterapi (Sweden)
DBTDefect-Based Testing
DBTDeep Breathing Test
DBTDuisburg Bulk Terminal (Duisburg, Germany)
DBTData Base Testuale (Italian: Textual Database)
DBTDesign Build Team
DBTDesign Build Test (engineering)
DBTDatabase Transaction
DBTDesign Basis Tornado
DBTDeath By Tweakage
DBTDays Before Transplanting
DBTdouble bottom tank (ships)
DBTDeutsche Bundespost Telekom (Germany)
DBTDelaware Business Trust
DBTDown by Trade
DBTDatabase Transfer
DBTDesign Build Turnkey (construction)
DBTDiaphragmatic Breathing Technique
DBTDibutylphtalaat (propellant)
DBTDual Brain Therapy (neurofeedback)
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The relative abundance of dibenzothiophene (SF) in TFs, which include fluorene (F), dibenzothiophene (DBT) and dibenzofuran (DBF), is very high, even up to 78.
The concentration of aromatic compounds, such as naphthalenes, phenanthrenes, dibenzothiophenes and their structural isomers are at present attracting increasing attention as maturity indicators for coals and shale source rocks.
To this end, SAB-15, Al-SBA-15, and CMK-3 Nanoporous compounds were synthesized and identified and they were used in the adsorption of dibenzothiophene from the simulated petroleum media," he added, saying, "Results showed significant improvement in the amount of adsorption and equilibrium time in comparison with the previous adsorbents.
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