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DKRDanish Krone (currency of Denmark)
DKRDiddy Kong Racing (video game)
DKRDark Knight Returns (comic)
DKRDarrell K. Royal (University of Texas football coach)
DKRDynamic Knowledge Repository
DKRDynamic Kinetic Resolution
DKRDakar, Senegal - Yoff (Airport Code)
DKRDark Reavers (gaming clan)
DKRDaniel Kern's Regimen (acne treatment)
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Mario Kart is OK, but since this is a product for cars, a better choice would be Diddy Kong Racing, a game that teaches you how to steer and accelerate.
In Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 go to the options screen and select `magic codes'.
Combining a racing game with an adventure game, Diddy Kong Racing has more than 20 different tracks with plenty of weapons and power-ups.
Most gamers will know Rare's work - they did the Donkey Kong Country series, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie - and the smash-hit Goldeneye 007 for the N64.
Nintendo has cut the price of classic N64 games like Mario Kart, Yoshi's Story and Diddy Kong Racing to pounds 39.99.
Nintendo's first-party titles, Diddy Kong Racing, which ships Nov.
For unlimited bananas in Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64: at the Magic Codes option, enter VITAMINB.
Mario Kart 64 is also going well for the Nintendo but look out for Diddy Kong Racing when it's released on December 1.